2 requirements to avoid being noise: Insights from analyzing 200 million emails

Feeling like it’s increasingly difficult to meaningfully engage your audience? In this talk, we’ll share with you the two requirements for meaningful engagement that we’ve uncovered from analyzing over 200 million emails. More importantly, how savvy brands have tied their communication/marketing to these two elements.

You’ll learn:

  • Why your audience feels farther away.
  • How to avoid being noise.
  • How other organizations are solving this problem.
  • The two things you should do at work on Monday to help solve the engagement crisis.

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Format: Traditional
Date and time: Monday, 12 June, 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Location: Dupont room, Terrace Level

Presenter / Tarek Kamil Tarek has a long history of using big data to solve big problems. He started writing software at the age of 12 and sold his first tech company before the age of 30. He has been a featured speaker at MIT, the Data Science Summit, P&G and TED among others. Today he’s passionately building Cerkl which is aimed at answering the question “Why can’t every organization personalize my experience like Netflix, Amazon, etc.?”