“Blow It Up and Start Again”: Cindy Gallop on Redesigning Business

Can we operate successfully in a changing world and still use the same tired approach? The answer is a resounding “no!” from Cindy Gallop, the refreshingly outrageous brand innovator, former chair of ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and founder of the IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn companies.Cindy Gallop_headshot

“You cannot do new world order business from an old world order place….We have to redesign the way we do business if we really want to own the future,”  says Gallop.The bad news is that most companies are doing business that old way and companies will seriously have to shake themselves up if they want to make any real progress.

So, what does that mean and what is it going to take to get started with this process of redesign? In an interview with IABC, Gallop offers some practical advice that ranges from individuals purple_play_buttonmaking small and doable changes to top management totally rethinking the business model. In both cases, Gallop advises people and companies find a new and very human connection to their customers. Take a listen to the podcast to learn more.

Gallop will be speaking at the 2014 IABC World Conference in Toronto in June. She’ll present a keynote on “Redesigning the Business of Advertising” and will participate in the IABC Foundation Luncheon panel discussion, “The Velvet Ghetto Revisited,” on how far women have come with breaking through the glass ceiling.