Discovering Your Life’s Question: Lesley Jane Seymour’s guide to finding fulfillment later in life

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Lesley Jane Seymour

There’s a lot of talk about millennials, but what about the wants, needs and aspirations of the over-50 crowd? After years of devoting herself to the less-than-kind world of beauty magazines and then moving on to a more thoughtful genre as editor-in-chief of More magazine, Lesley Jane Seymour made a discovery that opened the door to a more meaningful phase of her life.

For a woman who has achieved so much, the question of how to find meaning was big, and the answer complex. The rest of us might be content with some smaller contributions to society, but Seymour asked herself, “What can I do to change the world?” Her answers are making a difference on a global scale. CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson caught up with Seymour for an inspiring conversation about what it takes to discover fulfillment later in life.purple_play_button Listen to the
podcast to get a glimpse of Seymour’s heartfelt, funny and inspiring story.

Lesley Jane Seymour will be a keynote speaker at the IABC World Conference this June in Toronto. You can also hear her ideas on women and work at the IABC Foundation Luncheon panel, “The Velvet Ghetto Revisited,” which will discuss whether women are moving past the gender inequality of previous eras.