Engage Employees to Live the Brand

Gregg Lederman

Gregg Lederman

Do you need a more engaged and motivated workforce? Start by making brand values part of the conversation, day in and day out.

Gregg Lederman, New York Times best-selling author of Engaged! Outbehave Your Competition to Create Customers for Life, argues the importance of a “‘living the brand’ system,”  where employees understand, deliver and live by the organization’s brand values. Within a “‘living the brand’ system,”  says Lederman, customers demonstrate greater loyalty and employees are more likely to act in the best interest of the company.

So, what are the steps to achieving a “‘living the brand’ system”?  In a conversation with CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson, Lederman tells us that the best companies do these three things:

  1. Define the employee behaviors behind their valuespurple_play_button
  2. Consistently remind employees of the brand values and how best to deliver them
  3. Measure how effectively their organization is living and delivering the brand experience

For more engagement tips, listen to the complete interview, or attend Lederman’s session at the 2014 IABC World Conference, “Engaged! Creating lifelong customers.”