Rethinking Mobile: The integration of digital reality

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh

Think marketing to mobile devices will be your biggest marketing concern in the future? Think again. According to Mike Walsh, digital futurist and CEO of the innovation research lab Tomorrow, our understanding of mobile will soon drastically change. In an interview with CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson, Walsh explains the importance of understanding your consumers’ behavior in the real world, rather than on their devices.

In the future, Walsh tells us, we will see “the idea of mobile fragmented, breaking up and disappearing into our clothing, into our eyewear and into our everyday lives.” He points to gadgets like Google Glass and Fitbit as examples of how technology will seamlessly become part of us.

“The disappearance of the mobile phone,” Walsh says, will create “a total integration between the digital world and our real world. And that’s going to change everything from our behavior as consumers to the way that we shop, the way that we learn, [and] the way we communicate.”

Because of this integration, simply reading Google Analytics won’t be sufficient. Notes Walsh: “The purple_play_buttonclick stream of the future will be human behavior.”

To learn more about the technologies and global trends that will change our future relationship with customers, listen to the complete interview. You can also see Walsh at the 2014 World Conference, where he’ll present the opening keynote session, “Futuretainment: Winning the war for tomorrow’s consumer.”