The 24–second news cycle and our modern attention economy

An informational discussion on how communicators can break through in today’s busy and fragmented media environment using rapid response and campaign expertise from the most recent 2016 campaign election cycle. Will discuss tactics to creating engaging content and content that can break through the clutter. Instant communication tools such as downloadable phone applications will be suggested.

This session will show:

  • That digital content needs to be engaging. This often means being pithy.
  • 28 apps to download to create engaging content.
  • The effect of selective exposure on content consumption.

TrackMarketing and brand
Career LevelStrategic adviser
Date and Time: Monday, 12 June, 3:30–4:30 p.m.

vincentPresenter / Vincent Harris / Texas, U.S.,
 is CEO of Harris Media, a digital agency of over 40 creative consultants, and served as Chief Digital Strategist for Senator Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign. Harris heads up his digital agency from Austin, Texas and has run digital strategy for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Ted Cruz, and recently in country for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He is pursuing his PhD at the University of Texas and has served as guest faculty at Baylor University.