A new model for employee communication

Employee communication is under threat. Around the world, companies are shuttering employee communication departments and handing responsibility to marketing, PR, or HR. In today’s digital, mobile, connected world, employees simply don’t need a dedicated department just to know what’s going on in their companies.

This doesn’t mean internal communications departments can’t be relevant, however. In fact, they can be indispensable. In this eye-opening session, veteran internal communication strategist Shel Holtz will present a new model for employee communication centered on not just delivering content but managing the flow of information at all levels of the organization. At the heart of the model: the Employee Experience and its impact on company culture. Holtz will also show attendees how to measure the impact on the organization against metrics that matter to leaders, including engagement and job satisfaction.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why managing employee-to-employee communication is a vital function for internal communicators.
  • Why formal communications must address the 4 foundations of internal communication.
  • Why the culture of messaging is an internal communication responsibility.
  • How to embrace a multi-channel strategy.
  • The role of employee-generated content.

TrackEmployee engagement
Career LevelStrategic adviser
Date and Time: Wednesday, 14 June,  9–11 a.m.

holtzPresenter / Shel Holtz / California, U.S.,
founded Holtz Communication + Technology in 1996 after 20 years with Fortune 500 companies and global consulting firms. He specializes in strategic communication with an emphasis on internal comms and the use of digital and social media for enhancing employee communication. Holtz is a prolific blogger, a pioneer podcaster, and author of six communication books. He is a Fellow of IABC, the Society for New Communication Research, and The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.


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