A simple approach with a real business result

new-mark-jeffries-headshot-2016Top business influencer, author and former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark Jeffries will be the closing keynote at the IABC World Conference, happening 11–14 June 2017 in Washington, D.C. Presenting on the “Art of Business Influence,” Jeffries will show how specific communication techniques will build trust, success and connections.

Simple yet vital

His message is simple, yet vital—communication excellence leads to increased connections, trust and success. According to Jeffries, the best news of all is that we don’t have to do much to tilt the scales of perception in our favor; we just need to know how.

Mark presents a “toolbox” packed with instantly usable techniques, ideas and methods designed to offer a smart, proven communication-based approach to the challenges and opportunities that communication professionals face every day.

His real-world, entertaining and common-sense delivery—balanced with ready-to-apply ideas, memorable methods and valuable takeaways—has impressed audiences around the world. Mark has now spoken in front of more than 100,000 people from a broad array of industries and he’s ready to share solutions tailored specifically for the IABC audience.

A toolbox of techniques

From networking to negotiation, from the power of words to the behaviors of the “trusted adviser,” from reading signals to delivering positivity, and from secrets of the politicians to the psychology of becoming a problem solver, you will hear innovative thinking, including:
  • Optimize your message with the 3 Cs of communication
  • Networking 2.0
  • The common-sense “keys” to influence
  • Leveraging the practical world of social media
  • Transforming your ideas and concepts into “sticky and relevant messages”
  • The Square of Influence, the L-WAR: Listen, Watch, Anticipate, React
  • How to plant the seed of an idea
  • Language—the power of words
  • How to alter the way others perceive you
  • The secret messages you really convey

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect.

Addressing your needs

While Mark’s ideas are truly universal and resonate with a spectrum of senior executives and managers from all facets of the business world, he will dedicate himself to offering you, the communication professional, specifically what you need to know to achieve your targets, goals and objectives.

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