Stay energized and focused with yoga classes at the World Conference

Get the body moving and keep your energy level up so you can take in all that the IABC World Conference has to offer. Jump-start your day with a sunrise yoga class with Kirsten Peterson, RYT-200, on Monday and Tuesday of the conference. Kirsten’s classes focus on breath-guiding and mind-focusing movements to build strength and flexibility. You can expect to be guided through sun salutations, hip openers, heart-opening back bends and twists to… Read More

5 ways to improve employee communication, learning, and culture with video

In this session, we’ll explore five examples of how companies like Qualcomm, Mizuno, Tableau Software, and Perkins-Coie are improving their employee comms, knowledge sharing, and company culture using video. We’ll also examine trends driving the use of video, and how you can tap them within your business. You’ll learn: New ways to use video for formal and informal communication and learning at all levels. Which technology shifts are making video more accessible… Read More

Enterprise case studies on corporate communication initiatives using the power of video

INXPO’s corporate communications solution utilizes the power of video to motivate work forces, while building trusting relationships with leadership. Interactive Town Hall meetings and leadership updates will keep employees informed, engaged and in sync with your business goals. You’ll learn: How video can build a trusting relationship between leadership and employees. How video portals empower workforces to execute new strategies and achieve goals. Examples from enterprises that have enabled this strategy with… Read More

Meet Bananatag: A new approach to internal email

Find out why internal communicators love Bananatag and get an inside look at how we’re changing internal email communications. You’ll learn: What’s wrong with how we use email internally. How we fixed sending and measuring from within Outlook. How we’re making email a social experience. Plus, what wine pairs best with a conversation about email. Track: Solution provider Format: Exhibit Hall mini-theater presentation Date and time: Tuesday, 13 June, 1–1:20 p.m. Location: Cardozo… Read More

How PowerPoint can damage your brand (and what you can do about it)

Whether you’re using PowerPoint for internal or external communications, the struggle is the same: how to maintain the integrity of your brand. In this session, we will provide you with PowerPoint solutions that you can implement immediately and also share insider knowledge on how leading companies have overcome branding challenges with software. In this session, you’ll: Learn nine essential tips that you can implement today to increase brand compliance. See how to… Read More

Rules of engagement: How to build trust on your enterprise social network

Influencing sentiment and morale during organizational change is difficult, especially when organizations fail to engage employees and other stakeholders in the process. In this session, you’ll learn why and how to effectively engage employees and stakeholders for the long-term health of your organization. In this session, you’ll learn: How the fear of open dialog can work against you. The importance of engaging in the positive, not just the negative. How to identify… Read More

Winning the battle for employee attention

We know your pain. You rely on legacy tools to reach your employees and see very few results. The communication methods you have access to are simply not working. SocialChorus will be hosting a panel discussion on the challenges today’s communicator faces and what is being done to win employee’s attention. In this session, you’ll learn: The importance of creating a beautiful consumer-like experience inside and outside the enterprise. Best practices and learnings… Read More

The Rockstar Employee Experience

There are employee events and then there are rock star experiences. What’s the difference? Easy— just about everything. Treating your events like an experience as well as your employees like rock stars will lead to only one thing: a higher level of employee engagement. In this session, you’ll learn: How to save thousands by selecting the right venue. Social is not optional for events, it’s critical for success. The dos and don’ts… Read More

60 days until the World Conference: Register now and be entered to win Excellence Gala tickets

The start of the 2017 IABC World Conference is now only 60 days away and we have some exciting news to share about something we’ll be celebrating there. We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 Gold Quill Awards! There are more than 227 award recipients in total, with 74 recognized as Excellence winners and 153 as Merit winners. A testament to IABC’s diverse, international community, winners come from around… Read More

The countdown to World Conference continues—it’s 70 days away!

As of 2 April, we are 70 days away from the global gathering of the year for business communication professionals, IABC World Conference! Have you made your travel plans, booked your hotel and registered for the conference? If you haven’t done so yet, here’s an extra incentive to register before 11 April. We’re giving one lucky winner a complimentary pre-conference intensive workshop. Just register from now through 11 April at 11:59 p.m…. Read More