The challenges of reputation management on social media at scale

More than 1 million businesses are estimated to register Facebook business pages each month. Social media platforms are the most widespread and instantaneous form of global communication and information-sharing used by consumers and businesses. The number of users of social media platforms is as impressive as the rising adoption rate of social media by businesses.

Relive #IABC16’s best moments

The 2016 IABC World Conference was bursting with energy and innovative ideas. From the welcoming parade to the keynotes, breakouts and The Hub, #IABC16 was pulsing with excitement from start to finish. We’ve uploaded some of our favorite moments to our flickr account. Check it out! #IABC16 extended beyond the hotel though. Our attendees shared ideas and continued conversations online. We’ve assembled recaps of the most popular tweets throughout the conference on our… Read More

Looking to hire millennials? Try paying off their student loan debt

by Brad Gorman With millennial workers growing in numbers and influence in companies across the world, industries are looking for insights and best practices to attract, retain, and develop their top-talent workers across this demographic. The following insights were gathered from the session “Engaging and retaining next-generation employees” at the annual IABC World Conference, led by Mike Mulvihill of Padilla CRT.

Why open rate is the worst possible email metric

by Michael DesRochers Measurement and analytics are “in,” and measuring digital communications is easier than ever before. Easy, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to accurate or actionable. Much like the “hit rates” of early web analytics, email open rates simply don’t provide a lot of real value. Let’s examine why. Why your email open rate is under 25% During a recent communications conference, I was shocked to overhear a conversation regarding the dismal state of… Read More

Special gift to IABC members from #IABC16 keynote speaker Andy Gibson

As a special gift to IABC members, conference keynote speaker Andy Gibson has provided an exclusive sneak preview of the new e-learning program that will soon be offered by his company, Mindapples. Their program teaches people how to manage their minds and the clips Andy has included are an introduction to looking after your mind and improving your well-being. Those of you who saw his talk may find them useful for thinking… Read More

How to make the best of the first 90 days in a new job

by Kristin Hancock These were the statistics Angee Linsey shared at the IABC World Conference: 33% of employees know whether they will stay at an organization long term after one week or less. 63% know within the first month. 44% of senior managers hired from outside the company fail within 18 months. I have to admit, I’m not surprised. Many of us (myself included) have been hired for a role and been disappointed early on…. Read More

The tsunami of disruption that’s headed your way

By Christine Elmer Shannon Ryan of Nonlinear began his grand-slam change presentation ‘How the nature of work, people, process and technology is about to radically change your workplace’ held as part of the 2016 IABC World Conference on Tuesday 7 June saying: “The world of work is about to change: are you ready? If you don’t believe me, ask anyone in the music, news or automotive business”. Everything is now faster –… Read More

Make your stories personal, focused and compelling

By Amy Miller “Daddy, tell me one more story …” “Man, it’s the story of my life …” “What’s that guy’s story?” “We have to put more storytelling in our content.” Does the notion of storytelling convey ideas of innocence? Cynicism? Corporate-speak? Even if the word “storytelling” is overused—and misused—it’s undeniable that authentic, focused, personal stories are one of the best ways to inspire people. During an energetic breakout session at the… Read More

Have a crisis communication culture, not just a plan

by Kristin Hancock My Monday was a day themed around crisis communications and change management – two topics that are hugely relevant for communication professionals. Yet, we often put them on the back burner because there are more pressing issues at hand. I had the pleasure of connecting with my new kiwi friend Susi Maclean and her beautiful family (they travel as a unit) before her session. Perspective is a wonderful thing… Read More

Your reputation is your soul

by Kristin Hancock Yesterday morning I hosted the party in Salon 21 at IABC World Conference. I had the pleasure of introducing Shaun Jones from Contact Energy, who flew over 13 hours to share his case study with an audience made up largely of my fellow Canadians (we tend to find each other at these things.) My brain works in lists and I’m a big fan of the “Top 5” because it… Read More