In view of Bell Pottinger’s antics, is it time to regulate the PR industry?

It has become more important than ever to address the current lack of regulation in the public relations industry, and explore the best options in promoting ethical conduct across the profession. For several years, the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) has been consulting with industry and government stakeholders on legislated self-regulation for the communication management profession. Now, the role of ethics in public relations has come into question in light… Read More

Stakeholder mapping in a crisis: A make-or-break opportunity

Every period of turmoil is frightening. It challenges the status quo and threatens our comfort zone. Turbulent times, uncertain times and crises all call for focus and steadiness. Perhaps the clichéd navigation metaphor can never be too relevant: To ride out the storm, one must hold the course. Statistics from the Institute of Crisis Management’s 2017 annual report show that 68 percent of business crises worldwide are non–event-related, or smouldering, crises, with… Read More

Let’s talk about CEO activism

Stakeholders today expect companies to be willing to take a stand on societal issues. At the same time, the global economy is increasingly impacted by intangible factors that shape and define corporate reputations, making it imperative to understand these emerging trends and how communicators can adapt. According to reputation expert Nicky McHugh, CEO activism is one of the top macro-trends that communicators need to be aware of in 2018. In the presentation below, McHugh… Read More

Harness the power of thought leadership to drive brand

Thought leadership as a brand differentiator has become more important than ever before, especially for B2B organizations and their leaders. More than a content marketing campaign, thought leadership sits at the crossroad of the business strategy and the marketing funnel. It is not a tactic but an outcome of a well-defined, well-executed content strategy. A recent Edelman-LinkedIn study found that thought leadership plays a crucial role in driving sales and consideration for… Read More

From numbers to narrative: Data storytelling and visualization for the communication pro

Data is no longer simply the domain of IT or finance or analytics. We all have data that we need to interpret and communicate. And if your organization is engaged in thought leadership marketing, especially, you’re probably wading in data all day long. Your job as a communicator, now more than ever, requires the ability to wade through data about your products, your audience, your research subjects or the world at large…. Read More

Change starts here: A disruptive approach to communicating change

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable and rarely sticks—unless you rethink how to do it. The bigger the organization, the harder it is to get your message, mission, purpose, strategy, culture or initiative to the frontline—making it harder for change to happen. Successful change requires organizations to break free from traditional approaches of communication and engagement. Gary Magenta brings his enthusiastic style of “edutainment” as he shares proven ways organizations can ensure change… Read More

Show your value: Make your leaders great communicators

As communicators, if we are going to maintain our place at “the intersection of business, culture, functions and audience,” we have to become better strategic advisers to the leaders we support. Communication lies at the heart of leadership, and yet leaders are often ill-prepared for the specific communication challenges leadership presents, and often under-served by the communication professionals who support them. In this session, Colin Hatfield will reveal a few of the… Read More

Prepare for the next technology to change communication

For more than 25 years, Shel Holtz has introduced communicators to the next big technology that will change the way organizations communicate. Over the years, he has helped World Conference attendees prepare for intranets, mobile and visual communication, content marketing, content curation, social media, live-streaming video, and more. If Shel were presenting this session at the time the proposal was due—eight months before the conference—his topic would be blockchain, which will disrupt business… Read More

Building a business case for strategic communication in a complex operating environment: A case study from Nigeria

This session is designed to share practical knowledge about how to articulate a business case for organizations to embrace a strategic approach to external communication in a way that is not overtly driven by sales, marketing or day-to-day business dynamics but takes a well-thought-out view on external positioning that would enable business continuity as well as sustainable long-term growth in a complex operating environment. In this session, you’ll: Learn how to articulate… Read More

Communication on point: Successful strategies for paid social media campaigns

Communication is at a crossroads and this includes the digital space. Organic or paid? Influencer marketing or from the brand? Regardless of where you net out, your brand deserves to be in the spotlight. Gone are the days of relying solely on organic content—the best communicators are executing solid paid digital strategies on social media and beyond. From Facebook boosted posts and targeted ads to Twitter campaigns and paid video—each comes with… Read More