Authentic leadership. What does it really mean?

Gabrielle Dolan, a keynote speaker at the IABC World Conference, happening 11–14 June 2017, doesn’t just talk about being an authentic thought leader, she lives her life like one. Her motto is “I believe the best relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, so if that sounds all good to you…let’s go.” As a communication professional, you are in the best position to use the power of communication to unify and support… Read More

5 ways to add value to Africa’s emerging markets and earn a seat at the boardroom table

Africa is rising—is the communication profession rising with it? Over the past decade, despite the global financial crises, African economies have been growing at an exceptional rate. Hailed at investment conferences from Shanghai to New York as the last economic frontier, African markets have become central to many business strategies. So why, in this context, is the structural role of PR and communication still massively overlooked? In reality, along with other fields… Read More

Speaking truth to power: A lesson for internal communicators

First off, this isn’t a condemnation of U.S. White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Anyone in communication understands that’s an extremely difficult and demanding job, regardless of who the president of the United States is. A recent Globe and Mail article authored by two former communication directors for Canadian prime ministers sought to share advice for Spicer to make his job a bit easier. They provided four rules, but with an external communication focus. I… Read More

From design thinking to communication doing: A practical guide to the hottest strategic advantage today

In the last couple of years, designers have come out of corporate back rooms and into the C-suite, and “design thinking” is high on the agenda for all kinds of businesses, public sector services, and even in government policy making. But what is “design thinking,” how does it apply in business communication, and how do you actually do it? This session will explore the foundations of design as a methodology, and the… Read More

Secrets of the thoroughbred leader…Are you one?

Think back to the best leader you ever had. Did they have a magical quality that made you want to walk on hot coals if they asked? Do you have those same leadership qualities? Oftentimes, we assume that being that “great leader” is out of reach for us because we don’t have that charismatic personality, but that’s not true! Most of us can dramatically improve our leadership abilities and become the leaders… Read More

Transforming employee communication to engage employees: AT&T’s focus on strategic messaging and humanizing our brand

Job one for us is to engage employees in company strategy and bring our brand to life. At AT&T, we’ve evolved Employee Communications from a focus on email and intranet articles to a newsroom-style, multimedia storytelling approach with huge successes. And we didn’t stop there. We created an internal social media program and debuted a fresh voice to enlist employees to help share great brand-building stories through their personal social networks. And… Read More

The journey to eight billion impressions

In this hands-on, yet hopefully, strategic presentation, Marco Greenberg will detail lessons learned from a campaign that sought to elevate a neuroscientist on the national and international stages. Through a three-pronged thought leadership initiative that was anchored by a presentation at SXSW Interactive, the release of an academic paper in the journal Nature, and culminated in the inaugural Brain Health and Performance Summit, Thunder11 successfully positioned Dr. Ali Rezai, CEO, Neurological Institute,… Read More

From battle-scarred to supercharged: How Electronic Arts created a brand voice to overhaul their customer experience

When a customer is unhappy, how you respond can make or break their relationship with your brand. The Worldwide Customer Experience team at Electronic Arts (EA) deals with some of the most passionate customers in the world: gamers. But something was going wrong in their conversations. From tense interactions about sketchy network connections, to downright aggression when games ran into performance issues, the Customer Experience team was battle-scarred. In this session, you’ll… Read More

The 24–second news cycle and our modern attention economy

An informational discussion on how communicators can break through in today’s busy and fragmented media environment using rapid response and campaign expertise from the most recent 2016 campaign election cycle. Will discuss tactics to creating engaging content and content that can break through the clutter. Instant communication tools such as downloadable phone applications will be suggested. This session will show: That digital content needs to be engaging. This often means being pithy…. Read More

Respect starts here campaign: Innovating for change

How do you influence behavioural change through the power of strategic communication? Learn how our award winning Anti-bullying campaign (2016 Gold Quill Award Winner) has successfully changed the culture around bullying in the healthcare workplace by building awareness and increasing reporting of bullying. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Empower employees to participate in organizational change initiatives. Engage local champions to spread campaign awareness. Integrate change management best practices into your… Read More