Is your company making the most of its social network?

Here you are, pumping out the messages and rolling out the news. The output is impressive, but are you reaching people in a meaningful way? Do you have a true understanding of your company’s social network, inside and out? Do you know what makes your audience take action? IABC is bringing leading experts to the World Conference to help you explore emerging ideas, understand what not to do and learn how to approach social… Read More

8 break-through ways to increase employee engagement

There’s no better way to reinvigorate your ideas than to get the real story on what works from the people who made it happen. With the support of our track sponsor, ROI Communication, the communication profession’s top experts have been invited to this year’s IABC World Conference to share the most innovative approaches to increasing employee engagement. Learn how some of the world’s major organizations, including Amway, Bayer, Toyota, Lockheed Martin and Walmart, turned potential problems… Read More

Deliver innovation: 6 lessons in leadership and strategy

Even if you’re an experienced communication professional, the world is continuing to evolve around you, presenting challenges that require new thinking. That means that even the most seasoned communication leader must work to stay sharp and take in new ideas to remain ahead of today’s changing communication environment. If you are to meet demanding business goals, you’ll need innovative strategies to deliver. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn at the IABC World Conference:

What’s new and special about this year’s IABC World Conference?

This year’s IABC World Conference started with a vision. A group of 25 volunteer communication leaders from around the world, the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) wanted to go beyond the ordinary. Drawing from the desire to deliver an event with truly innovative thinking, the group evaluated a record 250-plus presentation proposals. A global mix of dynamic speakers with compelling content were matched to five tracks: communication skills, leadership and strategy, marketing and brand, reputation… Read More

Discover a world of learning

Innovative ideas and creative solutions are not relegated to one part of the world. They’re everywhere. That’s why IABC World Conference speakers and attendees reflect the international nature of what makes the communication profession so special—a myriad of perspectives, ideas and experiences that reflect the diverse nature of organizational communication. This year’s conference is shaping up to be more globally representative than ever before. Last year’s attendees represented nearly 40 countries. As we… Read More

Your invitation to career counseling with the best in the profession

On behalf of the IABC Fellows, I’d like to invite you to be part of an intimate, one-of-a-kind, IABC World Conference pre-event on 14 June in San Francisco: The Circles of Wisdom. In small group circles, we’ll share with you “What We’ve Found to be True”—the most down-to-earth, practical and useful advice that we’ve gleaned from our careers and life experiences.

Boston Marathon bombing: What have we learned?

In April 2013, two explosions rocked the world famous Boston Marathon, in turn rocking the city and the nation. The crisis threw Boston-area communicators into the middle of events in ways they would have found hard to imagine. What have we learned? What happens when organizations are faced with not only the unexpected, but the unimaginable? How can we prepare to cope with unforeseen events? Three communicators who were close to this… Read More

You’re in good company: Look at who attended last year

It’s all about who you know. That’s why the people and the more than 800 companies they represent make the IABC World Conference the best networking opportunity of the year. Our attendees are some of the most influential decision-makers in the communication profession, from some of the most high-profile companies in the world. Last year’s list of companies ranged from Fortune 500 companies, prestigious universities and major consulting firms through to small independent firms. What all… Read More

Foundation speaker Peter Penny: Reaching higher

What do you do when you know that life will never be the same? Peter Penny was an accomplished filmmaker, business communicator and IABC leader. When Penny lost his beloved wife to a brain tumor, he stood at the edge of a precipice. It was in those darkest moments that he embarked on a quest to reach new heights that would change his life forever. Come hear Penny’s awe-inspiring story at the IABC World Conference Foundation luncheon event. Giving… Read More

Choose by career level and shape a program to fit your needs

In addition to multiple presentation formats and a global mix of premier presenters, this year’s World Conference offers another new feature. The professional development programming at the World Conference has been mapped to align with your career journey. In addition to tying in with the Global Standard of the communication profession, sessions are designed to fit with your current career focus, helping to further tailor your experience to best suit your individual needs. Each session has been marked as falling… Read More