Adapt your messages and strategies in different global markets

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In this session, Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., a former global communicator in the Obama administration and United Nations will discuss how to adapt your communication practices for different countries and cultures. She will break the world into ten different “cultural clusters” and explain the messages, strategies, and tactics that work best within each of them—from the need to convey emotion in the Arab world to the importance of enlisting independent social media influencers… Read More

Be part of collective intelligence at the World Café, a new all-attendee session at the World Conference


IABC is introducing a very special general session, a World Café on Monday, 12 June from 1-3 p.m. Never heard of a World Café? Well, it’s a structured conversational process that creates a platform for open small group discussions crowd sourcing to tap into “collective intelligence.” Here’s your chance to experience learning and discovery in an entirely new way, through creative thinking, new connections and the power of your peers. The process is based… Read More

Want to earn a seat at the boardroom table? Learn from 5 real-life examples and case studies from Africa


Africa is rising—is the communication profession rising with it? Over the past decade, despite the global financial crises, African economies have been growing at an exceptional rate. Hailed at investment conferences from Shanghai to New York as the last economic frontier, African markets have become central to many business strategies. So why, in this context, is the structural role of PR and communication still massively overlooked? In reality, along with other fields… Read More

Use communication to increase organizational performance at IABC Academy pre-conference workshops


Discover and learn with IABC Academy intensive, pre-conference workshops at the IABC World Conference. Facilitated by experts in the communication profession, these sessions were selected based on their alignment to the Global Standard, connection to the conference theme of global innovation, and ability to provide participants with high-value learning. Personal and interactive These workshops will deliver the kind of interactive, personalized experience that will open your mind to creative problem solving and help you build valuable skills… Read More

World Conference break-out speakers to offer valuable learning, insights and perspectives


IABC World Conference speakers were chosen for their ability to provide valuable learning, insights and perspective on the most critical communication issues. See presentation descriptions here. Speakers will tap into their expertise to offer presentations in Washington D.C., with a plan to address emerging issues that have significant impact on the communication profession. Sessions were selected by IABC’s Program Advisory Committee (PAC) based on their alignment to the conference theme GLOBAL BUSINESS: Lead Communication, Make Real… Read More

Keynote Mark Jeffries, trusted adviser to some of the world’s largest corporations


Author, keynote speaker and former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark Jeffries has become a trusted adviser and communication consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, agencies and partnerships. Dividing his time mostly between the U.S., Canada and Europe, Mark is invited to deliver his highly effective keynotes on “Business Communication, Influence and Presentation” to audiences across many industries. His speeches are relevant, entertaining, and filled with instantly useable takeaway ideas…. Read More

Meet with your peers at the Monday Social Lunch

Lincoln Memorial

Meeting new people and creating lasting business connections is one of the major benefits of attending the IABC World Conference. There’s no better way to do that than over a casual lunch. That’s why on the first full day of the conference, Monday, 12 June, IABC will host a Social Lunch at the Hub, IABC’s grand exhibit hall. This year’s lunch will be extra special with some great surprises that will make it easy and… Read More

An interview with Sarah McLaughlin, chair of the World Conference Program Advisory Committee


Sarah McLaughlin, PMP, is the chair of the 2017 IABC World Conference Program Advisory Committee (PAC). In this interview with Natasha Nicholson, Director of Content at IABC, Sarah describes her experience with IABC and the World Conference, what she feels is special about this event and why she thinks that all communication professionals will benefit from the learning, inspirations and discoveries. Natasha Nicholson: What is special about IABC and the World Conference in… Read More

Keynote Denise Jacobs: Creativity Evangelist


Denise Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist. As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, she teaches game-changing techniques for busting through creative blocks, cultivating collaboration, and up-leveling creative productivity. She leads workshops and trainings that unlock creativity in individuals, teams, and workplaces. Her focus is on creating real-world results where teams work better, produce more, and skyrocket their company’s success. Through speaking, writing, training, consulting, and coaching, she… Read More

Keynote Gabrielle Dolan: Authentic leadership and storytelling


Gabrielle Dolan is a global thought leader on authentic leadership and business storytelling. She’s worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from around the world, helping them to become better leaders and communicators using the art of business storytelling. Gabrielle is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, and works with some of Australia’s top 50 ASX companies, including National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Telstra and ANZ, and multinationals such as Accenture, Bupa, Ericsson and… Read More