Events that inspire. Connections that last.

Being part of the World Conference gives you more than the benefit of the most outstanding in-person professional development available to communication professionals. It gives you the chance to make lasting connections, gain valuable inspiration and open your mind to new possibilities. There’s no better way to do that than through meaningful interactions that extend beyond a great workshop or session. It happens when you meet like-minded people who share your sense of commitment to the… Read More

A warm welcome from the president of the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

John Deveney, a longtime IABC member from New Orleans, IABC Fellow and head of the creative services firm DEVENEY, a 2016 World Conference sponsor, recently connected with Stephen Perry, President/CEO of the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau. A gracious welcome for IABC At John’s request, Stephen Perry offers this “welcome back, IABC” video for the upcoming IABC World Conference. Perry embodies the New Orleans warmth and kindness in this gracious welcome, as he thanks IABC for being among… Read More

Management renegade and “voice of the millennials”

IABC World Conference keynote speaker Seth Mattison is the founder and chief movement officer of FutureSight Labs. Sometimes referred to as the “voice of the millennials,” Seth advises leading brands and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work. The power of authenticity Referred to as a “management renegade,” Seth brings an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work and the power… Read More

IABC World Conference sponsors recognize the value of great communication

We are fortunate to have a line-up of sponsors representing some of most influential and well-respected organizations in the world. These partnerships symbolize an intersection of core values and beliefs that recognize the importance of communication as an innovative and unifying force in business. Our sponsors value outstanding communication because they know that it puts an organization a cut above the rest and creates a differentiating marker that demonstrates excellence. We are honored to recognize our sponsors for their commitment… Read More

Keynote Andy Gibson explains how to “develop the sharpest of business minds”

Prepare to walk away with something completely new that will question old thinking. IABC World Conference keynote Andy Gibson will challenge your thinking about what it means to create a thriving organization. As founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization Mindapples, he explores a revolutionary approach to improving both personal and business performance—through the care, management and understanding of the mind. Accelerate performance with “A Mind for Business” In his most recent book, A Mind… Read More

Join IABC and register for World Conference by March 31st to save!

IABC has a really sweet deal for you, but you’ll have to act fast. You can now register for the 2016 IABC World Conference and save on IABC membership at the same time. March is IABC’s Member Month. If you sign up for membership before March 31st, IABC will waive the join fee, give you discounted dues, and enter you in a prize draw.

Use organizational history to build and develop reputation

Did you know that that a key way to improve your organization’s reputation is locked within something that you already know? In their break-out session at the IABC World Conference, Founder and CEO of Saybrook Partners, John Seaman, and David Waller, director of external relations at AFME, a European capital markets trade group, and a former journalist for the Financial Times, will provide senior communication officers with tools for developing reputation in a way that is authentic, authoritative… Read More

Ethics in an age of globalization and new technology: How can a communicator lead?

Globalization and technology innovations create an ever more complex ethics landscape. For most communicators in organizations, ethics is a nebulous concept viewed through myopic cultural lenses: country, unit, team, leader and organizational. Communicators are well positioned to drive an integrated view of ethical culture, but how often are they at the heart of the ethics ecosystem? The 2016 IABC World Conference will feature a special break-out session this year — a panel… Read More

Want to know what the C-suite thinks about communication innovation?

Wondering how the C-suite would innovate communication? Are you curious about what role they think communicators should play in business? IABC presents a panel of top female business leaders, straight from the C-suite, to share valuable insights on innovation, diversity, leadership and more. This general session on Wednesday, 8 June, at the 2016 IABC World Conference in New Orleans will offer a candid discussion about what you can do to upgrade your skills and… Read More

Wisdom of the crowd: Harnessing collective intelligence on a global scale

When you’re involved in managing communication for a major global organization, the job of gathering data and analyzing feedback has massive implications, in terms of the resources you use, the time you need and your ability to derive valuable knowledge. Tapping the collective intelligence of your organization can offer an effective and streamlined way of reaching your audience directly, wherever they may be. One of its greatest benefits is the problem-solving that can take place when… Read More