How to use research to fine-tune your strategies

Even when a communicator doesn’t have time or budget to conduct formal measurement, a number of easy and free techniques can be used to ensure the roll-out of a campaign or other strategy avoids embarrassing, costly and time-consuming mis-steps in the roll-out. In this session, you will learn: How to do informal research with your stakeholders before you even develop your strategy to make sure you understand how they currently see the… Read More

Nurturing and recruiting the next generation of corporate communicators

Who will lead communications in our companies and organizations in 20 years? Recent research from AEJMC indicates a downturn in the number of college students studying corporate communication. This is a concern, as many top communicators are planning their retirement strategies. Practitioners need to be active in the development of the next generation of corporate communicators. Dr. Gillis will share strategies that practitioners can apply to nurture and recruit the next great… Read More

Beyond Talking Points: Creating a Leadership Engine

Because leadership IS communication, communication professionals have enormous opportunities to help create powerful leadership systems in their organizations—if they have the skills and knowledge to perform this critical role. Jim Shaffer will draw on more than 35 years of experience building leadership skills from the first line to the c-suite in nearly every industry. He’s taught many communication practitioners how to improve their leadership-building skills in his workshops and on-site client work…. Read More

Compel and persuade

Learn from the latest research on persuading c-suite decision makers. Build your messaging strategy to maximize its power, influence and success. Research combines with a focused study of persuasive messaging and experience. According to in-depth research of C-level business executives in America, 100% of large companies regularly donate to nonprofits through time, money, resources or volunteers. Join a research-based look at the world of Corporate Social Responsibility and the best way to… Read More


Newsweaver – Track Sponsor/Communication Skills

Newsweaver Internal Connect is purpose-built for Internal and Corporate Communicators. Whether you’re communicating CEO announcements, employee newsletters or managing events, our solution gives you greater control over your communications plus access to world-class intelligence – allowing you to see exactly how your audience engages with your messages. ​Our best practice advice and world-class customer support will also help you achieve greater results with your internal email communications. Be sure to pop by… Read More

ROC Group – Preferred Sponsor/Official Conference Lanyard

About ROC — Big and small ROC Group is where communicators bred in Big Consulting and Big Corporate come to hone their love of creativity, communication and client service. We are big enough to be retained by America’s largest companies for complex communications and web projects, yet small enough to give each client close attention. How we work — Thinking matters To tackle our clients’ toughest communication and engagement problems, we tap… Read More

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