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In preparation for the IABC World Conference, happening 3–6 June 2018 in Montréal, IABC is seeking dynamic speakers to submit proposals that demonstrate their ability to adeptly present innovative thinking, problem-solving ideas and concrete guidance for tangible results to an audience of 1,000 communication professionals. In addition to break-out session speakers, IABC is also seeking applications and referrals for keynote speakers.

Our theme this year focuses on “The Communication Crossroads.” The communication profession is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of business, culture, functions and audience. That’s a powerful place to be. This year’s conference will explore how to leverage that power in new and innovative ways.

  • Learn how communication drives business performance and innovation.
  • Explore the rise of transformative communication and collaboration.
  • Discover your role at the center of culture and ethics.
  • Strengthen your knowledge and confidence as a strategic adviser.

Tools and materials to feature the World Conference

The tools and materials below are designed for IABC volunteer leaders, sponsors and the media to spread the word about the call for speakers for the 2018 World Conference.

The deadline for proposals is 2 October 2017.

Announcement on the World Conference site
Post on the World Conference website announcing that the call for speakers is open

Short teaser video
Promotional video for the 2018 World Conference

Social media posts

Social media posts to promote the call for speakers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


  1. IABC is accepting speaking proposals and keynote applications/referrals for the 2018 IABC World Conference. Learn more #IABC18
  2. Do you have a presentation you would like people to hear? Submit a proposal for the 2018 IABC World Conference #IABC18
  3. Have a presentation you think fits the 2018 IABC World Conference? Submit it by 2 October #IABC18
  4. Submit IABC 2018 World Conference speaking proposals by 2 October #IABC18
  5. Apply to speak at the 2018 IABC World Conference. Our theme is The Communication Crossroads. Learn more  #IABC18

Facebook / LinkedIn — General information

  1. The 2018 IABC World Conference will be held in Montréal, 3-6 June 2018. The conference theme, The Communication Crossroads, relates to the communicator’s powerful position and ability to drive business performance and innovation. Do you have a presentation that offers new ideas and creative solutions for communication professionals? If so, submit a proposal by 2 October. #IABC18
  2. IABC is seeking thought leaders with talent and knowledge across the communication profession. Building on a platform of transformational communication, the association is accepting speaking proposals and keynote applications/referrals for the 2018 IABC World Conference. The conference theme, The Communication Crossroads, relates to the communicator’s powerful position and ability to drive business performance and innovation. If you have a presentation that offers new skills, approaches and creative applications that lead to real problem-solving, we want to hear from you. Please submit a proposal by 2 October. #IABC18
  3. Here’s a link to a post on LinkedIn that you can share with your network:
  4. Share this Facebook post with your network:

Facebook / LinkedIn — Specific to tracks

  1. In case you were wondering what kind of content we want at #IABC18, the first track is Communication Skills, which covers both what communication professionals need to know and know how to do. We’ll explore trends in the communication profession (particularly technology), the latest research and the skills needed to remain current now and in the future. Submit here:
  2. In case you were wondering what kind of content we want at #IABC18, the second track is Leadership and Strategy. For communication professionals aspiring to a leadership role, this track empowers them to support business goals and build a high-value function with impactful approaches / techniques. Sessions offer case studies and examples of strategy in action for the function and/or the organization. Submit here:
  3. In case you were wondering what kind of content we want at #IABC18, the third track is Marketing and Brand. This track shows how to unlock your creativity as a communicator and how best to support an organization’s brand. Sessions will offer insights and expertise on marketing to increase support for an organization, product or service. Submit here:
  4. In case you were wondering what kind of content we want at #IABC18, the fourth track is Reputation. These sessions uncover the importance of stakeholder management and the role communication professionals play in building relationships in/outside the organization. This track incorporates social responsibility and the strategic role of a communication professional in times of crisis. Submit here:
  5. In case you were wondering what kind of content we want at #IABC18, the fifth track is Employee Engagement. Through case studies, best practices and highlighting creativity in employee communication, sessions in this track demonstrate the power of communication in building a strong internal culture and the behaviours that support organizational goals. Submit here:

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