Communicating sustainability through corporate leadership

Most would agree that some corporate giants have taken great strides toward sustainability in recent years. But experts in the field still cite too few companies doing so. We will present the latest trends & findings from our Sustainability Leaders Survey 2017 & share insights from the most influential global thought leaders exploring some of the biggest sustainability challenges. Over the past two decades we have seen the sustainability agenda evolve & broaden, watched companies climb to the top of the corporate leadership list & then disappear completely. What, if anything, can we learn from those few companies that have earned recognition from practitioners for their leadership?

Fresh research-driven insights will help communication/business professionals better understand the anatomy of corporate leadership, why global organizations are recognized as leaders by sustainability experts & how they can more effectively communicate corporate sustainability leadership in action.

This session will:

  • Help organizations understand how they can use the insights to inform their thinking & learn from best practice case studies.
  • Provide in-depth insights on actions that global organizations can take to become recognized as sustainability leaders.
  • Provide a framework for how to position and communicate effectively to build corporate reputation.

FormatIABC Talks
Career LevelBusiness leader
Date and Time: Tuesday, 13 June, 11–11:30 a.m.

coulterPresenter / Chris Coulter / Washington, U.S.,
is CEO of GlobeScan. Chris works with leaders in companies, multilateral organizations and NGOs to help them better understand and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations, build trust with key constituencies and exert greater influence in shaping the future.