Did you know World Conference attendance counts toward professional certification?

professional business conferenceYes, that’s right. Both the main IABC World Conference and the pre-conference workshops will help you meet the application requirements for Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification. And if you already have your certification through the GCCC (Global Communication Certification Council), those credits may be applied toward maintaining your certification. This is the first World Conference where professional development credits can be collected to benefit lifelong learning in this way.

The entities supporting certification

There are some heavyweights involved in this process. While it receives some support from IABC, the GCCC is an independent certifying body. The IABC Academy is an educational branch of IABC that develops programming which supports GCCC certification. The IABC Academy is collaborating with the World Conference Program Advisory Committee, the PAC, to offer pre-conference workshops that meet the standards required for receiving credits supporting the GCCC program.

Select  your workshops

Choose from among four workshops, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. This year’s workshops put the focus on organizational performance, offering you the communication skills and tools you need to deliver demonstrable results. Learn more…

Here’s how you earn points and hours

All of this is background behind an incredible opportunity. Just by attending the World Conference and the pre-conference event, here’s what you’ll earn.

Hours toward CMP Application Requirements

Certified CMP Annual Maintenance


Main Conference

20 hours towards 40 hours of training

Each full day = 8 hours

Wednesday’s half day = 4 hours

Main Conference

10 points per day up to 20 points for full conference

5 points for Wednesday’s half day

Pre-conference Workshops

Up to 6 hours towards 40 hours of training


Pre-conference Workshops

3 points per workshop

Up to 6 points for two workshops


Total = From 4 to 26 hours toward 40-hour requirement Total = From 3 to 26 points towards 40-point yearly requirement

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