From collecting to connecting: next-level networking for communication professionals

Networking is one of the most critical skills of communication professionals—indeed it is the engine that causes information to flow, knowledge to be obtained, and supportive relationships to be initiated, sustained and grown.

For communication professionals to progress in organizational centrality and career influence, the ability and inclination to give as much as you get, and to connect one’s connections to each other is what’s required to move to the next level of impact. But much of what is being pushed in today’s networking industry is purely transactional guidance of the “collect lots of business cards” and “be sure to bring mints to the event to make sure your breath is nice” variety.

This session will look at what it takes to develop higher-level network building habits, and provide participants with hands-on practice and coaching in how to practice these habits and spread them in their communities. You’ll learn:

  • Four questions to ask of colleagues.
  • How not asking questions, risks success.
  • How easy it is to get past “If I ask that, I will look like a dork”.
  • How a step-change in networking will increase your impact as a communication professional

TrackLeadership and strategy
Career LevelGeneralist/specialist
Date and Time: Wednesday at 9:00–11:00 a.m.

LininVlaardingenPresenter / Lin McDevitt-Pugh / Netherlands,
was born in Australia, educated in Papua New Guinea, and visited Europe as a young human rights activist and stayed.  An award winning writer and expert in utilizing connections, her book, “So You Think You Can’t Network” (2016), is grounded in her MBA research on networks. In her sessions, McDevitt-Pugh makes this real through a combination of focused exercises, role plays and direct conversations with participants.



mkwaterPresenter / Mike Klein / Netherlands, is a leading advocate for the use of networked approaches to business and personal communication. Author of the “Changing The Terms” blog and a former U.S. political consultant, Klein advocates and practices an integrated approach to networking which connects his peers with career opportunities, speaking engagements, and introductions to new resources. An MBA graduate of London Business School, Klein holds dual U.S./U.K. citizenship.