From design thinking to communication doing: A practical guide to the hottest strategic advantage today

In the last couple of years, designers have come out of corporate back rooms and into the C-suite, and “design thinking” is high on the agenda for all kinds of businesses, public sector services, and even in government policy making. But what is “design thinking,” how does it apply in business communication, and how do you actually do it?

This session will explore the foundations of design as a methodology, and the elements of design thinking; why it has become the hottest strategic advantage now; and why communication is a natural partner for design thinking. The session will be hands-on, interactive, and creative, but you won’t need a black polo-neck sweater. This is all about driving practical, purpose-led, and integrative change in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Participants will gain the following:

  • An understanding of design and its relationship with communications at a fundamental level.
  • The practical aspects of design thinking approaches.
  • How to support leadership in applying design thinking to business strategy.

TrackCommunication skills
FormatPre-conference workshop
Career LevelGeneralist/specialist
Date and Time: Sunday, 11 June, 1:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYZAAAAJDY0NjA2MmI0LTg2MmMtNGVmMy04NmRmLTI0YzhlMTcxMTBlMAPresenter / Ezri Carlebach / U.K., is a consultant and writer with more than 20 years experience in senior communication roles. He has led change communications in the financial services sector and high-profile rebrands in arts institutions. He is a Senior Associate with the PR Network, the world’s largest virtual PR agency, and a visiting lecturer in public relations at the University of Greenwich. Carlebach is a former IABC U.K. chapter president, and was chair of the Gold Quill Awards international committee in 2010.


martha-muzychka-2367600Presenter / Martha Muzychka, ABC / Canada, is an accredited and award winning communications professional with more than 25 years experience in strategic communications and policy analysis in the health, social policy, gender, and natural resource sectors. Principal of Praxis Communications and a partner in WordWorks Communications, Muzychka helps clients navigate competing priorities to make change happen.



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