How culture influences brand communication: An African perspective

Even as the world becomes more “global,” in Africa, culture remains central to how the wheels of society turn. Culture determines who we associate with, how interact, our aspirations, our ambitions, our careers, pretty much everything around our lives. There are several interesting nuances in Africa which I have come across while working with various organizations to connect through their brands. Brands and communication do no escape the long shadow cast by culture. Because of this, the brands that have not only acknowledged established cultures but incorporated it into their DNA are the same ones that make a real impact on the African continent.

This presentation will unearth some of the gems that brands in Africa have been able to mine and use to become successful and have impact in a rapidly changing continent. The presentation shall also bring out just how global some of the cultural nuances actually are and how they apply when communicating to global audiences.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The uniqueness of the African market in terms of brand building.
  • The importance of culture when crafting brand messaging.
  • The need to adopt continuous change and flexibility in this disruptive age.
  • Why understanding culture is critical for communication to have meaningful impact.
  • Lessons from Africa for a global world.

TrackMarketing and Brand
Career LevelStrategic adviser
Date and Time: Tuesday, 13 June, 10:30–11:30 a.m.

Presenter / Tom Sitati / Kenya is a partner at Brand Integrated Consulting LLP, a strategic brand and business advisory firm with a footprint across Africa. Brand Integrated is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and has offices in Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Uganda. Sitati is an African Brand Leadership Award winner, a past chairman of the Marketing Society of Kenya and currently sits on the Brand Africa Counsel. He holds a master’s degree in New Media and Society from Leicester University (U.K.).