World Conference Attendees

IABC World Conference attendees work in a variety of industries, including corporate, non-profit, consulting firms, government and independent practitioners. They practice in diverse disciplines of communication, including public relations, employee communication, marketing, reputation and brand management, media relations, community relations, public affairs, investor relations, and government relations.

2016 World Conference

  • About 1,000 communication professionals in attendance
  •  36 countries represented among attendees, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Philippines
  • Over 50 percent of attendees are from corporations
  • Next largest groups are from non-profits, consultancies and government
  • More than 50 percent attended a previous conference
  • 70 percent identified themselves as IABC members
  • Knowledge on trends, practical tools and networking with peers were considered most valuable
  • Most attendees reported having 10 or more years experience

Statistics above are drawn in part from a post-conference survey with a 28% response rate. 

2017 World Conference

To date most attendees have identified themselves as a Strategic Adviser. See a description below.

Strategic Adviser

Maturing as a communication professional though consistent application of the Principles, at this milestone they are expanding expertise and innovation. The communication professional assumes increased responsibilities, including resource management.

They are interdependent, taking responsibility for work other than their own and developing others within the organization. To accommodate their personal development needs, they seek to build additional areas of expertise. They have strong interpersonal skills, broad business perspectives, stimulate others through ideas and knowledge, and effectively represent the organization’s clients and external groups. They have expanded their expertise in niche disciplines and explored innovations within these disciplines. They are highly skilled and confident, providing strategic communication advice and counsel to the organization’s leadership.

Other groups represented include the Business Leader, Generalist/Specialist and Foundation career levels. See descriptions for all career levels outlined here