Meet Bananatag: A new approach to internal email

Find out why internal communicators love Bananatag and get an inside look at how we’re changing internal email communications.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s wrong with how we use email internally.
  • How we fixed sending and measuring from within Outlook.
  • How we’re making email a social experience.
  • Plus, what wine pairs best with a conversation about email.

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Format: Exhibit Hall mini-theater presentation
Date and time: Tuesday, 13 June, 1–1:20 p.m.
Location: Cardozo Room, Terrace Level

Presenter / Chris Wagner is a co-founder at Bananatag and loves to teach and learn from communicators on how to elevate the profession. His focus is on making Bananatag the most useful tool it can be for communicators everywhere.



Presenter / Andrew Benes is Bananatag’s Marketing Comms Manager. He is obsessed with preaching the benefits of more bananas and better email content. Avid Vancouverite, cyclist, and aspiring ping pong rookie. Speaks memes, but enjoys a well-written memo now and then.