Pair to prepare: Communication and cybersecurity

Cyberattacks. As communicators, we cringe at constant headlines about hackers bringing an organization down. They are top of mind for your CEO. But are they on your radar? Stolen funds, bad publicity, and embarrassing revelations brought on by cyberattacks are front page news. If this high-stakes situation happens to your company, you’ll likely be on point to educate employees, inform the media, and update customers. Are you ready?

Now’s the time to learn about protecting your company’s reputation in the likely event of a cyberattack. Spoiler alert: Employees may be your biggest cyberthreat and communications can help in a big way.

Pulling from over a decade of experience in high tech and cybersecurity and using real-world examples, communications pro Brandie Claborn will share insights and approaches you should be thinking about to get yourself ahead of the bad guys.

This session will cover:

  • How you and your company must be prepared in advance of a cyber breach to best protect your brand, employees, customers and shareholders.
  • The collaborative role communicators play is invaluable in a cyber crisis.
  • Employees are your biggest asset and your biggest threat in case of a cyber breach.

FormatIABC Talks
Career LevelStrategic adviser
Date and Time: Tuesday at 10:30–11:00 a.m.

clabornPresenter / Brandie Claborn / Texas, U.S.,
head of communications at Intel Security, leads the company’s employee communications, public relations, executive communications and analyst relations teams. Brandie’s mission is to help keep people safe from cyber criminals so every person on Earth can enjoy our connected world. She’s a passionate speaker, a frequent blogger, and an avid social media enthusiast. Prior roles span internal and external communications, with a long track record in investor relations.