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The World Conference to address key communication issues and world events


The world is changing and challenging the basic tenets of the communication profession: ethics, truth and transparency. Now more than ever, we must come together to sort through how we will address these challenges that are shaping and will continue to shape the future of the communication profession.

We are developing the World Conference program to address key global events that impact all of us as communication professionals. One of our general sessions includes an all-participant World Café that will provide the environment to engage in critical discussions and gather our collective intelligence.

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Do your enterprise social investments drive bottom line business value?

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As a key driver of communications inside their organisations, the communications function is often charged with the task of introducing enterprise social to improve communications, engagement and collaboration among employees.

While the function is an obvious lead for enterprise social initiatives, communicators run the risk of short-changing themselves and the organisations they serve by harnessing these technologies solely through a narrow lens of communications. Instead, the new digital economy is challenging today’s communicators to step up and take on a wider mandate to facilitate hard business outcomes for their organisations through enterprise social.

Rita Zonius, a communication leader at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, will share her experience to demonstrate what progressive communicators are doing to reinvent their roles and ensure their organisations make the most of enterprise social investments to drive bottom line business value. Learn more…

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World Conference is filling up fast! Book your room soon.


Early registrations for the IABC World Conference in Washington D.C., happening 11–14 June 2017, are filling up fast. Don’t wait to register, make travel plans and book your discounted hotel room. Claim your spot at this year’s most important gathering of communication professionals from around the world. Join your peers to address major communication issues, explore innovative ideas and discover new solutions to your biggest communication challenges. Read More

Adapt your messages and strategies in different global markets

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In this session, Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., a former global communicator in the Obama administration and United Nations will discuss how to adapt your communication practices for different countries and cultures.

She will break the world into ten different “cultural clusters” and explain the messages, strategies, and tactics that work best within each of them—from the need to convey emotion in the Arab world to the importance of enlisting independent social media influencers in China. The material is based upon interviews she conducted with senior communication executives in 31 nations.

Modern communication professionals are expected to be able to practice their craft across countries and cultures. This presentation will explain how they should adapt their messages and strategies when working in different global markets. Alaimo will offer cutting-edge recommendations—ranging from how to use indigenous social media platforms around the globe to the very latest influencer engagement strategies—that will expose the audience to practices at the very forefront of the field.

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Be part of collective intelligence at the World Café, a new all-attendee session at the World Conference


IABC is introducing a very special general session, a World Café on Monday, 12 June from 1-3 p.m. Never heard of a World Café? Well, it’s a structured conversational process that creates a platform for open small group discussions crowd sourcing to tap into “collective intelligence.” Here’s your chance to experience learning and discovery in an entirely new way, through creative thinking, new connections and the power of your peers.

The process is based on these principles:

  • Get context around the issues
  • Feel comfortable to share
  • Explore questions that matter
  • Value everyone’s contribution
  • Connect with diverse perspectives
  • Listen together for patterns and insights
  • Share collective discoveries

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Want to earn a seat at the boardroom table? Learn from 5 real-life examples and case studies from Africa


Africa is rising—is the communication profession rising with it? Over the past decade, despite the global financial crises, African economies have been growing at an exceptional rate. Hailed at investment conferences from Shanghai to New York as the last economic frontier, African markets have become central to many business strategies.

So why, in this context, is the structural role of PR and communication still massively overlooked?

In reality, along with other fields such as economics, agriculture, health, urbanism or education, the communication sector now has a huge opportunity to position itself as a real management discipline that contributes significantly to Africa’s socio-economic rise. Learn more…

A look at last year’s World Conference: Learn more and hear from attendees


Unparalleled networking with peers from around the world. Inspiring speakers who will change the way you think about your work, and the world at large. A chance to hone your skills and learn about how to meet the challenges of the future from the best in the business. These are just a few of the benefits of attending IABC’s annual World Conference.

To give you an idea of what’s in store at this year’s event in Washington, D.C., here’s a look back at some statistics from the 2016 event in New Orleans. These numbers demonstrate the conference’s focus on excellent content, delivered by high-caliber, dynamic presenters. Read More

Speaking truth to power: A lesson for internal communicators

47121127 - news conference. filming an event with a video camera.

47121127 - news conference. filming an event with a video camera.

First off, this isn’t a condemnation of U.S. White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Anyone in communication understands that’s an extremely difficult and demanding job, regardless of who the president of the United States is.

A recent Globe and Mail article authored by two former communication directors for Canadian prime ministers sought to share advice for Spicer to make his job a bit easier. They provided four rules, but with an external communication focus. I noticed that there is a direct alignment in their advice with how internal communicators should act with CEOs and other senior leaders.

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Use communication to increase organizational performance at IABC Academy pre-conference workshops


Discover and learn with IABC Academy intensive, pre-conference workshops at the IABC World Conference. Facilitated by experts in the communication profession, these sessions were selected based on their alignment to the Global Standard, connection to the conference theme of global innovation, and ability to provide participants with high-value learning.

Personal and interactive

These workshops will deliver the kind of interactive, personalized experience that will open your mind to creative problem solving and help you build valuable skills that offer both immediate benefit and long-lasting career support. Limited to just 30 participants, each three-hour session will engage you in intriguing discussions on critical issues as you discover new strategies for overcoming major challenges. Learn more…

World Conference break-out speakers to offer valuable learning, insights and perspectives


IABC World Conference speakers were chosen for their ability to provide valuable learning, insights and perspective on the most critical communication issues. See presentation descriptions here. Speakers will tap into their expertise to offer presentations in Washington D.C., with a plan to address emerging issues that have significant impact on the communication profession.

Sessions were selected by IABC’s Program Advisory Committee (PAC) based on their alignment to the conference theme GLOBAL BUSINESS: Lead Communication, Make Real Impact and the ability of the speaker to engage the audience and deliver innovative ideas, creative solutions and best practices.

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