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A perfect match: Alliance Enterprises claims the title of Premium Sponsor

alliance_google_plus (1)There’s nothing better than finding a perfect match. When software innovator Alliance Enterprises and IABC came together around the World Conference, that’s exactly what we found. It made perfect sense. Alliance has a history of providing leaders and innovators with technology-based solutions and IABC is in the business of connecting up the greatest minds in the communication profession.

As Premium Sponsor, Alliance lights up the stage as chief solution provider for our global audience of communication professionals. It’s a particularly exciting time for Alliance as it reaches new heights as a leader in performance management software, working with some of the world’s leading companies.

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Build trust with employee ambassador programs

imageTrust  in business, the media and even NGOs is disintegrating; CEOs are not even perceived as credible spokespersons of their own companies, according to the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer. Who do employees trust? The answer is: Subject matter experts and people like themselves—their colleagues. That’s why corporate communication leaders are including grassroots engagement programs in their strategic plans.

Employee ambassador programs that empower people who have a natural affinity to align with your message can make all the difference in increasing engagement levels and building trust. Working with Fortune 500 companies, we have found that creating dynamic employee ambassador programs can drive adoption of key initiatives and behaviors. Ultimately, this can result in a transformational change. Not calling on employee ambassadors to build trust in the organization is a missed opportunity.

Knowing who your employee population trusts is the first step in effecting change. Engaging these reliable sources to communicate on the organization’s behalf is the next. For more information, check out this infographic. And to learn how you can bring power to your people, visit us at Table #114 at The Hub at the IABC World Conference, or stop by our recharging station.

This article is by Jill Vitiello, the founder and president of Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO). VTLO is a preferred sponsor of the IABC World Conference.

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Connect, discover and enjoy — at “The Hub”

san-francisco-690243_1280What makes a conference extra special – that is on top of great content, exceptional speakers and a high-end location? Here’s the answer. It’s the connections we make, the welcoming atmosphere we experience and that sense of renewal that comes with stepping away long enough to come back refreshed and ready to tackle your biggest challenges.

Ideas and connections

All of this is why we decided to shape a new event at the World Conference — “The Hub.” Yes, the conference keynotes will amaze and the sessions will illuminate, but you also need a place to absorb ideas and meet new people in an informal and natural setting. The Hub will be the place to network, learn and enjoy. Attendees will meet up for lunch, coffee, snacks, join in activities — all with a heaping dose of fun. Read More

Are email open rates misleading your internal communications team?

“Did they even open the email?” is an all too common communications management question. Email is a conundrum. It’s the most valuable internal communications tool, and usually a mysterious black hole. So it’s not surprising that communicators resort to any number of methods to track if email gets opened or not.

What does the open rate tell you?

But what, exactly, does an email open rate tell you?

Let’s consider one customer’s experience.  They were using an online email marketing platform to measure internal email broadcasts, and over a period of six months the average open rate was just shy of 20%.

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Welcome Reception: Where warmth meets elegance

ballroomGet ready for an evening of quintessential San Francisco splendor at the IABC World Conference Welcome Reception, sponsored by Igloo, our Marquee sponsor. The event will be held in the stunning Julia Morgan Ballroom. This space stands as the city’s most exclusive event venue, an architectural masterpiece with a timeless Beaux-Arts interior. The ballroom’s historic significance, breathtaking details and strategic location make it the perfect place for a welcome filled with warmth and elegance.

julia_morgan04Atop the landmark Merchants Exchange building at California and Montgomery Streets, the Julia Morgan Ballroom boasts an enviable location at the very heart of San Francisco’s vibrant Financial District. Strategically positioned amid fine hotels, notable restaurants, cultural attractions and the energy of the city’s financial nerve center, the ballroom illuminates the best of everything San Francisco has to offer.

One of America’s most important and prolific architects, Julia Morgan had her offices at the Merchants Exchange for forty-five years (1904-1950). Her connection to the building began early in her career when firebrand architect Willis Polk tapped her to design the common area interiors after the great earthquake of 1906. Read More

Reimagine and Recreate: 5 case studies on reputation show the way

31869812_lBe it  man made or imposed by nature, when disaster strikes circumstances can take a downward spiral so rapidly that it can challenge even the most experienced communicator. When news travels instantly, in that moment your reaction has to be both swift and accurate. But what can you do to strengthen your reputation before disaster strikes? And if you’re on the other side of a crisis, what can you do to recover after the damage is done? Read More

What happens when internal says “yes”? You could get on the evening news

yes-68480_1280When I said “yes” to an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on well-being in the workplace, I had no idea that the CBS Evening News would come ringing our door to tell a good story featuring Bayer.

Following that experience, our new Bayer HealthCare U.S. headquarters in Whippany, N.J. saw a lot of positive mentions—from coverage in major interior design magazines, to winning local suburban green project and good neighbor awards, and a number of other accolades, including winning a dry-wall installation award (not kidding). All of these led to ongoing positive coverage about the open plan workspace we recently implemented that was built with health and wellness in mind. Read More

Getting social media buy-in

social media doodles_1000X762This article was originally published on Allee Creative’s blog. It is published here with permission.

Sometimes the hardest part about using social media for business is getting buy-in from the decision makers. This can be especially hard if the executive leaders of your company are not active on social media. If you’re a business owner, this can include you as well. You might not be comfortable or have the faintest idea how to use social media personally, let alone for your business.

Likewise, you could have a team that is completely on board with what you’re doing on social media from a business perspective, but if those same people aren’t willing participants when it comes to sharing, liking and retweeting or reposting content, you can’t very well expect your external audiences to do the work for you.

So how do you get social media buy-in from others in your company in order to utilize these online tools as part of your overall marketing strategy?

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B2B Marketing on Facebook: Why You DON’T Need a Strategy

In this video from Mighty Media Group, World Conference speaker Stephenie Rodriguez shares why B2B marketers shouldn’t be focused on creating a Facebook strategy. Instead, she tells us, it’s important to have the bigger picture in mind and create a channel or content strategy. Watch to find out why.

Learn how social media, alongside other disruptive technology–from the iWatch to digital publishing–will impact communication in Rodriguez’s session.