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World Conference break-out speakers to offer valuable learning, insights and perspectives


IABC World Conference speakers were chosen for their ability to provide valuable learning, insights and perspective on the most critical communication issues. See presentation descriptions here. Speakers will tap into their expertise to offer presentations in Washington D.C., with a plan to address emerging issues that have significant impact on the communication profession.

Sessions were selected by IABC’s Program Advisory Committee (PAC) based on their alignment to the conference theme GLOBAL BUSINESS: Lead Communication, Make Real Impact and the ability of the speaker to engage the audience and deliver innovative ideas, creative solutions and best practices.

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World Conference to tackle critical communication issues at World Café session


If there’s ever been a time when the communication profession must join together to work through some especially difficult issues, this is it. Key values that guide the profession, like ethics, truth and transparency, are under scrutiny. The proliferation of “fake news,” normalizing of “alternative facts,” questioning of the media’s role in society and a devaluing of diversity is creating a backdrop for new challenges ahead.

As part of our commitment to open dialogue and problem-solving, the World Conference will provide a forum for tackling major issues arising from world events. In particular, this will be the feature of a new event at the conference, an all-attendee discussion called the World Café.

In-person events like the World Café will give us the opportunity to connect around common concerns, gather collective wisdom, hear personal insights and develop solutions together.

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Secrets of the thoroughbred leader…Are you one?


Think back to the best leader you ever had. Did they have a magical quality that made you want to walk on hot coals if they asked? Do you have those same leadership qualities? Oftentimes, we assume that being that “great leader” is out of reach for us because we don’t have that charismatic personality, but that’s not true!

Most of us can dramatically improve our leadership abilities and become the leaders that teams love by rebalancing our task/relationship focus. This presentation explains why the “Thoroughbred Leader” is not only respected but embraced. We will share characteristics that define the “Thoroughbred Leader and explain how their approach differs from other leadership styles. You will learn intervention techniques that leaders can use to manage delicate conflict situations and also learn why it’s critical to establish team charters. You will leave with specific tools and techniques that you can implement immediately to enhance your leadership skills!

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of balancing focus on task and relationship in your personal leadership style.
  • Techniques Thoroughbred Leaders use to communicate delicate information and resolve conflict effectively while preserving critical relationships.
  • The Thoroughbred Leader approach to motivating staff for long term results.

TrackLeadership and strategy
Career LevelFoundation
Date and Time: Wednesday at 10:15–11:15 a.m.

danaPresenter / Dana Brownlee / Georgia, U.S.,
 founded Professionalism Matters in 2003, an Atlanta based corporate training company, after years of working as a business strategy consultant with top IT firms. An energetic and innovative speaker and trainer, Brownlee has thrilled audiences with speaking events in six countries and authored a course taught internationally. She has been interviewed by/published in) CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution,, and others.

Keynote Mark Jeffries, trusted adviser to some of the world’s largest corporations


new-mark-jeffries-headshot-2016Author, keynote speaker and former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark Jeffries has become a trusted adviser and communication consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, agencies and partnerships.

Dividing his time mostly between the U.S., Canada and Europe, Mark is invited to deliver his highly effective keynotes on “Business Communication, Influence and Presentation” to audiences across many industries. His speeches are relevant, entertaining, and filled with instantly useable takeaway ideas.

Mark has published two books—What’s Up with Your Handshake? and The Art of Business Seductionand has just launched two highly innovative and engaging e-learning courses dedicated to elevating participants into trusted advisers, persuasive communicators and key influencers.

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Meet with your peers at the Monday Social Lunch

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln MemorialMeeting new people and creating lasting business connections is one of the major benefits of attending the IABC World Conference. There’s no better way to do that than over a casual lunch. That’s why on the first full day of the conference, Monday, 12 June, IABC will host a Social Lunch at the Hub, IABC’s grand exhibit hall.

This year’s lunch will be extra special with some great surprises that will make it easy and fun for you to connect with your peers. We’ll have games, prizes and free give-aways from our sponsors and exhibitors along with a tasty lunch.

Make new connections

If you are coming to this event for the first time, we want to help you make those touch points that put you in direct contact with IABC’s warm and welcoming community of communication professionals. And if you’re a seasoned IABC World Conference attendee, here’s your chance to branch out and meet people who can expand your circle of valuable colleagues. Events like the Monday Social Lunch will help make you feel comfortable, as you connect with people who will be part of your network at the event and far beyond. Learn more…

An interview with Sarah McLaughlin, chair of the World Conference Program Advisory Committee


sarahSarah McLaughlin, PMP, is the chair of the 2017 IABC World Conference Program Advisory Committee (PAC). In this interview with Natasha Nicholson, Director of Content at IABC, Sarah describes her experience with IABC and the World Conference, what she feels is special about this event and why she thinks that all communication professionals will benefit from the learning, inspirations and discoveries.

Natasha Nicholson: What is special about IABC and the World Conference in particular?

Sarah Mclaughlin: IABC has had a strong impact on my career. I was first introduced to IABC in 2010 at a strategic communication seminar in Washington, D.C. Fresh on the heels of a promotion to a vice presidency, I was eager for information, ideas and success stories that I could share with my team and use with our clients. Exchanging ideas with seasoned communicators from different industries was such a valuable experience. I finished the seminar feeling energized about my career and hungry for more IABC. Simply put, when I became a member, I joined an international community of people and ideas, which is absolutely something that sets IABC apart from other organizations. And World Conference, like the association, is all about connecting people and ideas. Read More

Be inspired and make valuable connections at the new Speed Networking lunch

Business Team Meeting Discussion Working Concept

The 2017 IABC World Conference will see the introduction of a special Speed Networking lunch session. This fast-moving session will enable you to meet up with other attendees, create contacts and share what you’ve learned. Speed Networking sessions involve moving from one table to another in intervals, chatting with fellow attendees and making new connections.

Share, discover and grow

You’ll have a chance to meet people who you might otherwise have missed, enabling you to increase your network to include communication professionals from all over the world. And if you find that you have common business interests, these contacts may become a valuable part of your future, supporting your business and career. A sense of community, meaningful connection and shared learning are a hallmark of IABC and this session is another way to join your peers to share, discover and grow. Learn more…

Keynote Denise Jacobs: Creativity Evangelist


denisejacobsDenise Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist. As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, she teaches game-changing techniques for busting through creative blocks, cultivating collaboration, and up-leveling creative productivity. She leads workshops and trainings that unlock creativity in individuals, teams, and workplaces.

Her focus is on creating real-world results where teams work better, produce more, and skyrocket their company’s success. Through speaking, writing, training, consulting, and coaching, she shares big concepts that challenge the status quo and lead to “ahas” that translate into immediate actions, skills, and new habits to transform all aspects of people’s work lives with focused creativity and improved productivity. Learn more…