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Before you think innovation, think simplicity

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Bill McDermott

Do you sometimes roll your eyes when you hear the word innovation? Sure, it sounds great, but for many it’s hard enough just to maintain the status quo. Keynote speaker and SAP CEO Bill McDermott knows this all too well, and because of that he made “simplicity” SAP’s new priority. Simplicity can beat our common enemy, complexity, but according to McDermott it’s not as easy as it sounds: “We chose to do simple because it’s hard.”

In a recent talk McDermott gave for SAP’s Sapphire Now conference, McDermott points to a few different contributors to the complexity problem, with management at the top of his list. The difference between managers and leaders, he says, is that “Managers create complexity, and leaders have the sense to remove it. Increasing layers is killing companies.” Read More

Choose by career level and shape a program to fit your needs

careerIn addition to multiple presentation formats and a global mix of premier presenters, this year’s World Conference offers another new feature. The professional development programming at the World Conference has been mapped to align with your career journey. In addition to tying in with the Global Standard of the communication profession, sessions are designed to fit with your current career focus, helping to further tailor your experience to best suit your individual needs.

Each session has been marked as falling into one or more of these career paths: Read More

Make or break – the first 90 days in your new job or leading a new team

This session will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in the first 90 days. You will learn how to communicate the value of your role, team, and function to leadership and demonstrate effectiveness at driving organizational goals.

Read More

Don’t let your website fall behind: Allyson Ward Neal to join next week’s #CommChat

Allyson_Neal_croppedIs your website victim to stale content—overshadowed by your latest Facebook or Twitter campaign? With mobile devices, tablets and interactive touch screens dominating workplaces, developing a well thought out content strategy for your website is essential. During her breakout session at this year’s World Conference, presenter Allyson Ward Neal will teach conference attenders how to create visible, interactive content.

Prior to her session, Allyson is bringing her presentation to Twitter in the form of our weekly conversation, #CommChat. On Wednesday, Allyson will talk about how to keep websites relevant in an era of social media dominance, and will explore what social networks drive the most traffic, how to make your website mobile friendly, and how to measure engagement.

Join the conversation Wednesday at 9 a.m. PST by following the hashtag #CommChat, or by following our Twitter account at @IABC.

The secret to becoming invaluable in the workplace: Be yourself

Sally Hogshead black and whiteLooking to come across as more authentic and confident among your peers? The key, according to Sally Hogshead, author of the New York Times bestseller How the World Sees You and 2015 IABC World Conference keynote speaker, is to be more like yourself.

In this episode of CW Radio, Sally shares the importance of understanding your personality strengths and harnessing them to your advantage. To achieve just that, Sally created the Fascination Advantage assessment, which applies the principles of branding to personality assessment. Instead of revealing how you see the world, the results share how the world sees you, providing you with one of 49 personality archetypes based on your most effective forms of communication.

Access the complete interview here.

Crisis Control: Leadership Skills for the 3 Phases of a Crisis

press-conference-750x450-300x180 (1)Even when crises are not the fault of the organization involved, they can be devastating to their overall image. Businesses that have suffered a serious crisis face an uphill battle to recover. Without the leadership of experienced individuals who can steer their organizations through bad times, such recoveries may be impossible.

Today’s business leaders need to demonstrate strong crisis leadership in all three phases of the crisis-planning cycle: anticipation and prevention, mitigation, and recovery. Business leaders who can harness these skills are best-placed for long-term success in even the most adverse circumstances.

Read the complete article, written by World Conference speaker Caroline Sapriel, in CW magazine. Check out Sapriel and Jayne Nucete’s session, “Steering your way through a crisis: An interactive live scenario,” for more crisis management tips. 

Why attending is a great business decision

imageIt’s not enough to have communication that supports your organization, you need communication that delivers on the bottom-line. That’s where IABC comes in. With our conference theme of “Changing the Landscape: Informing the future,” we are drawing from the best and the brightest in the communication field to educate, inform and inspire.

Bringing leading-edge knowledge and trends to life

Our approach respects traditional forms of communication, but our focus is to challenge communication professionals to step up and navigate through a changing world with innovative ideas to engage customers, motivate employees and elevate your brand.

We inform participants with real-life examples that work—drawing from principles that represent IABC’s Global Standard of excellence in communication.

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