Social media master class (Pre-conference)

Is all that experimenting with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn achieving your goals? Or is it consuming your resources with a dubious ROI? Your team has mastered the basics, you have a website and blog. But how do you integrate social media with your traditional marketing and communication plan? Social media can either be a complete waste of time, or a key strategic plank: It all depends on your approach. This interactive workshop introduces five strategic frameworks—and many examples—that can help you build or optimize your approach to social media.

This master class will include time devoted to translating the concept and strategies into a specific action plan, implementation brainstorming and “hot seat” social media feedback.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Baseline capability versus campaigns.
  • Social media ROI: Management and measurement.
  • Crisis planning.
  • Using social media in events: Communication, Twitter walls, and post-even community building.
  • Connecting social media and search engine optimization.
  • Approaches to risk mitigation.

TrackMarketing and Brand
FormatPre-conference workshop
Career LevelStrategic adviser
Date and Time: Sunday, 11 June, 1:30–4:30 p.m.

Presenter / Randall Craig / Ontario, Canada, has founded successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a big-four consulting firm, and was an executive at a U.S. public company. He has advised on digital strategy since 1994 for hundreds of major organizations globally. He is the author of seven books, including Online PR and Social Media and Social Media for Business. Randall frequently appears on national media, has served at the board level for several national organizations, and has earned a CFA, an MBA, a CMC, and a CSP.

This is an extra-fee event. Learn more and register here.