Avoid the dark side of social media

It’s all the rage to talk about LinkedIn, Facebook, and the 500+ other social networks that exist. And without a doubt, you already have a profile on a number of them. But how does social media fit within your overall strategy? How do you balance the requirement for communication and engagement, with the challenge of resource constraints? And how can you avoid the “dark side” and protect against identity theft and brand hijacking? Based on his research and his books Online PR and Social Media and Digital Transformation for Associations, Randall Craig provides practical advice and insight.

In this session, Social media without wasting your time or losing your identity, you will learn:

  • Using the Anchor and Outpost strategy to both increase exposure and improve productivity.
  • Three key frameworks for improving engagement and effectiveness.
  • How to prevent others from hijacking your identity on aggregator websites.
  • Approaches to risk mitigation.
  • Social media ROI: Management and measurement.

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