Tackling the complex frontier of workforce engagement in today’s mobile world

This Fireside Chat explores the way technology has changed how we communicate and the challenges faced by professional communicators. Companies that want connected, productive employees must engage today’s workforce in a way that is modern and mobile-first, bridge the gap between internal and external comms, and reach employees across channels & devices.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create content that bridges the gap between internal and external communications.
  • Increasing productivity by reaching, connecting, & engaging employees across channels & devices.
  • Adapting your communication strategy and tech stack for today’s employees.
  • How to drive company-wide adoption of today’s communication best practices.

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Format: Traditional
Date and time: Wednesday, 14 June, 10:15–11:15 a.m.
Location: Cardozo Room, Terrace Level

Presenter / Robyn Hannah is Senior Director of Global Communications at Dynamic Signal, the mobile-first company communications platform. With 15 years of Communications and Public Relations experience, Robyn has a strong ability to establish cross-functional and Eco-system relationships, create compelling narratives, and amplify a company’s story to drive meaningful business outcomes. A Silicon Valley native, Robyn is passionate about people, storytelling, Corporate Communications, the Oxford Comma, and Brand Marketing. She’s also quite serious about 80’s rock, the San Francisco Giants, and wine.


Presenter / Sabrina Stoffregen is the Global Sales & Marketing Communications Manager at Intel Corporation. In her 20-year career at Intel, Sabrina has led global initiatives dedicated to strengthening the brand & helping leaders improve employee engagement.   A passionate public speaker, Sabrina has shared insights on organization effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, & brand marketing at events around the country.    Sabrina lives in Oregon with her husband & 2 daughters. When not working, Sabrina spends much of her time with her rare twin horses.