Take pride: Building organizational success through people (Pre-conference)

The business case for pride at work is compelling. It delivers higher performance, builds brand reputation and customer loyalty. It increases innovation, quality, productivity and profit and reduces health and safety incidents and staff attrition. People who have pride in what they do are more successful and happier. They take more care, make better decisions and build better relationships.

TAKE PRIDE launches the PRIDE model, a philosophy and methodology that will create successful organizations through highly engaged people. This session will invite you to think differently about life at work, from the dual perspectives of the organization and the individual, and then apply some proven methods to achieve better collective and personal performance. It will appeal to those with executive authority or influence, and to individuals who wish to examine their own working style and achieve successful relationships at work.

TrackLeadership and Strategy
FormatPre-conference workshop
Career LevelStrategic adviser
Date and Time: Sunday, 11 June, 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Sheila-BW-IABCPresenter / Sheila Parry / U.K. is a serious business communications pro with a serious sense of humor. Since founding independent firm, theblueballroom, in 2001, she has worked tirelessly, largely behind the scenes, with some of the world’s most visible brands, creating and consulting for CEOs, project managers and teams in all kinds of exciting situations from acquisitions and mergers to cultural transformation.



image008Presenter / Kate Shanks / U.K. is passionate about making work better. She’s worked for over 15 years with government, charity and FTSE 100 companies to consult, train, plan communication strategies, as well as delivering campaigns and writing stories. She’s part of the U.K.’s Engage for Success Movement, a member of the Institute of Internal Communications and has been successfully leading theblueballroom for the last couple of years. She loves what she does and wants everyone to feel like she does about work.


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