Hugues Mousseau

CEO panel moderator

For the morning general session on Tuesday, 5 June, at the IABC World Conference, we’ll hold a discussion with several top CEOs on their vision and ideas for how communication can make a demonstrable contribution to business success.

Moderated by Hugues Mousseau, vice president and partner with Syrus Reputation, the panel will also unveil the results of Syrus Reputation’s 2018 Global CEO survey, providing a unique look into the contribution of business communicators to the achievement of corporate successes.

The session will explore the question of whether business communicators are positioned to be the next chief strategy officers. It will also look at the idea that most successful CEOs are not only prolific at mastering corporate finance, operations, strategy, sales or human resources, they also display superior leadership abilities. Additionally, CEOs must also aspire to become expert communicators, while promoting and protecting their company’s reputation. In that capacity, they are surrounded by trusted business communicators acting as trusted advisers, whose role expands beyond the articulation of the CEO’s vision and objectives, and increasingly toward shaping corporate strategy.

Not all CEOs value the strategic contribution of business communication to the achievement of business objectives in the same magnitude. Come meet three successful CEOs prepared to share their thoughts and experience in working with business communicators. Are we contributing to the success of the business as much as we believe? Can we do more? What can we do to see our strategic contribution be better valued? We’ll tackle all of these issues and more.

If you are familiar with a CEO with a major organization, please help us by forwarding the Global CEO survey to them. It will only take five minutes of their time to fill out the survey and it will make a big different to our collective knowledge about how communication can support CEOs, as they work to elevate their organizations.

About the moderator
Moderator Hugues holds over 15 years of experience in corporate affairs and communications in the public, parapublic and private sectors.

In addition to having led teams in charge of the entire spectrum of corporate affairs and communications, he also headed communication for several mergers and acquisitions processes. Additionally, Hugues held management or consultant positions in the media, telecommunications, automotive, retail, aerospace, food, environment, pharmaceutical and health services sectors.

Solicited equally for his corporate strategy expertise than for his experience as speechwriter, media spokesperson and financial communicator, Hugues holds university degrees in political science, business administration and public law.

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