Neil Griffiths, ABC

Environmental Resources Management

Neil Griffiths, ABC / U.K.

Neil is Group Internal Communications Manager at Environmental Resources Management, the world’s largest sustainability consultancy. Neil has worked in communication management for 10+ years across a variety of public, private and non-profit organisations. Neil has held a number of leadership positions and served on several global committees within IABC, including the inaugural Global Communications Certification Council. Neil is a Past Chair of IABC’s EMENA region and in 2013 was named IABC’s Regional Leader of the Year. Neil was awarded the 2015 Rae Hamlin Award for services to professional certification. Together with co-author Deborah Hinton, Neil has published two studies on the current and future state of the communication profession (Where Are We Now? Where Should We Be? and We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us) and has spoken on the topic at several conferences.