The magical power of attention: 7 surprising communication strategies to build relations capital (even if you hate speaking!)

In today’s hyper-noisy world, people forgot how to connect by giving genuine attention to others. Every communication professional is playing a major role in the “Connecting Age”. They help companies to build strong connections to expand their business and switch relations into revenue and results. In this presentation, I share how a communication professional should use “Attentional Leadership™” to attract new clients, increase your impact and deeply connect with your (internal and external) relationships & build your impactful brand. I reveal winning ways to create and maintain real connections inside & outside your company (industry). This presentation is based on my global best seller, ‘The Attention Switch.”

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to build your social capital asset by creating and delivering what’s valuable to others.
  • How to build an inventory of the best qualities you have in engaging others & how to activate them every time.
  • The little known authentic ways to accelerate conversations and influence outcomes.

TrackCommunication skills
Career LevelGeneralist/specialist
Date and Time: Tuesday, 13 June, 3:30–4:30 p.m.

itzikPresenter / Itzik Amiel / Netherlands,
is the global leading authority on networking & relations capital. He is a sought after international professional speaker, and the bestselling author of “The Attention Switch.” For more than decades, Amiel helps business executives and entrepreneurs to Connect – Communicate – Collaborate and maintain strategic relationships. He shared worldwide stages in more than 54 countries with the world’s premier thought-leaders, including sir Richard Branson, Les Brown, and Darren Hardy.