The power of communication on marketing and brand

As a communication professional, you are in the best position to use the power of communication to unify and support your organization’s marketing and brand efforts. That’s why the IABC World Conference, happening 11-14 June 2017 in Washington, D.C., will offer a rich assortment of new insights, case studies and expert analysis to help you get there.

We’ll bring our theme, Global Business: Lead Communication—Make Real Impact, to life with sessions that will inform your ability to improve the performance of your organization.

Here’s an example of a session:

From battle-scarred to supercharged: How Electronic Arts created a brand voice to overhaul their customer experience

When a customer is unhappy, how you respond can make or break their relationship with your brand. The Worldwide Customer Experience team at Electronic Arts (EA) deals with some of the most passionate customers in the world: gamers. But something was going wrong in their conversations. From tense interactions about sketchy network connections, to downright aggression when games ran into performance issues, the customer experience team was battle-scarred. In this session, you’ll… Read more.

Anelia Varela  heads up The Writer’s U.S. office and helps brands like Unilever, Cisco, Google and Electronic Arts realize the power of words to change how people see them, stand out from the crowd, make their customers happier, shape their culture, and even make and save money.

Lacy Rohre is senior manager of Content Services for Electronic Art’s worldwide customer experience. She leads the team who writes online technical support for EA gamers, where they strive to cut through the jargon and use a clear voice to create accessible content.

More marketing and brand sessions

The journey to eight billion impressions: Successful thought leadership initiative covered in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times. Presenter Marco Greenberg is senior adviser to foreign governments, democratic movements and NGOs, formerly a director at Burson-Marsteller.

Don’t be a zombie: Identity-based communication strategies for effective and original communication: Case studies and stories straight from large businesses—such as Charles Schwab, Chevrolet, and Starbucks—as well as startups and small companies. Presenter Julie Ellis is an author and professor at Elon University. Presenter Melissa Eggleston is acontent strategist and UX specialist who helps create user-friendly digital experiences.

Man or machine: Understanding automated translation services: As the technology behind automated translation platforms, e.g. Google Translate, develops, it’s even more important to understand how these technologies work, as well as if and when they should implemented. Presenter David Rumsey represents over 10,000 translators and interpreters in 95 countries, as president of the American Translators Association.

And more!

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