What is PRIDE and how do we feel it at work?

Pride is such a powerful emotion. It can be triggered by numerous events—achievement, recognition, perceived value. We can feel it for ourselves, personally, privately, and perhaps more readily, we express it about others whom we care about and admire.

Communicators talk a lot about pride, especially in the context of employee engagement, because we know that when people are truly proud of what they do and the organizations they work for, performance levels increase. This session presents the PRIDE model, a practical framework to achieve these positive factors at work, and shows how communicators have a pivotal role to play. It is aimed at senior practitioners who are looking for a strategy or approach to take to their leadership teams that can make a tangible, positive impact on their organizations.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The PRIDE model provides a new way of looking at work from the dual perspective of the corporate and the individual.
  • The five success factors of Purpose, Reputation, Integrity, Direction and Energy.
  • To raise the level of influence communicators can have, by linking emotional intelligence and communication with performance.

TrackEmployee Engagement
Career level: Business leader

Presenter / Sheila Parry has spent her entire career in business communication. In 2001, she founded theblueballroom, a strategic and creative consultancy that has championed excellent communication and employee engagement. Parry has consistently delivered to some of the world’s largest global employers. The PRIDE model is a culmination of her research, tempered by forty years of her own experience at work, loving what she does and helping others do the same. Take Pride, the book, will be published in 2018.