Why the networked company of the future will crush your business

A new kind of company is beginning to grow and make serious dents in the established world of “big corporate”. What makes them so unique?

Simply put, they are fast, lean, open & collaborative networked learning machines that eat slow, command and control, water-fall, process heavy companies for lunch. They build and hack together complete products and services, test them, prove and improve them, all while their “competition” is busy completing its 3rd revision to the slide deck.

These new companies are risk tolerant and relentlessly focused on action and outcomes with a maniacal dedication to company culture, customers and top talent growth. Most importantly, they are purpose driven – focusing on the Why, not the What or the How. They are the new and they are about to launch a revolution. What do you need to know to compete? What can you take away for your company from these new companies and structures?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • New organizational design of company structure is signalling the end of the org. chart.
  • What business leaders and strategists need to prepare for to compete.
  • What is too early for prime time but also what is real and making huge impacts now.

TrackLeadership and strategy
Career Level: Business leader
Date and Time: Tuesday at 10:30–11:30 a.m.

shannonryanPresenter / Shannon Ryan / Ontario, Canada, 
is the CEO of Nonlinear and was one its co-founders in 1995. As CEO, Ryan is responsible for the overall leadership, vision and execution of the strategic roadmap of the company, including the company’s expansion in Brazil. He has two decades of leadership experience in the development of corporate strategies and implementation plans worldwide, applying a combination of business acumen, technical knowledge and marketing insight to the challenges faced by his clients.