World Conference Brief: Get insights, previews and highlights of the event

Conference Brief -- Transform your network...The IABC World Conference, happening 11–14 June 2017, will include more than 50 speakers from around the world. These experts will cover one of five tracks and a Global Standard representing the communication profession. They have now made some of their most thought-provoking ideas available as a preview to the kind of thinking attendees can expect at the event.

Insights and news

You’ll find links to related articles in the Conference Brief (see below), a bi-weekly newsletter that shares insights, news and highlights of the upcoming event. They are also posted on the Previews & News section of this website. If you’ve already registered for the conference, this is your chance to get a head start on gaining new knowledge in advance of the all the learning you’ll get at the conference. And if you’ve yet to decide about whether to register for the conference, or are unable to come, you can still benefit from these new ideas and creative solutions.

Catch up on what you missed

If you missed a past issue of the Conference Brief, it’s easy to catch up. Take a moment to see all of the previews, news and highlights on the event. There’s a lot to learn and be excited about!

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