10 principles of modern employee communications: A fireside chat

What is it top comms pros understand that sets them apart in today’s digital age?

The workplace is changing at a fast pace and as an IC practitioner, you need to craft the right employee communication strategy to stay on top of your game.

But how to get there?

To help you embrace today’s comms world, we’ve gathered 10 crucial principles of modern communication you need to keep in mind while communicating with the modern employee:

  1. Your employees have changed
  2. Number of employees = locations
  3. People trust people (not titles or logos)
  4. External is also internal
  5. Measure the business impact of your internal comms (even if you are not asked to do so)
  6. People don’t remember facts, they remember stories
  7. Follow the path marketing has carved
  8. Dare to be human
  9. Create corporate content in the voice of the employee
  10. Effective communication is everyone’s responsibility

During this session, Brad Whitworth, Mike Klein and Bruno Bin will take you through the 10 principles in detail, unpack hidden secrets behind each of them and surface ideas on how you can apply them at your organization.

Track: Solution Provider
Date: Tuesday, 16 June
Time: 11:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m. PDT

Presenter / Mike Klein / Netherlands is an internal communication consultant and longtime blogger, writer and advocate for the value IC provides to enterprises and workplaces. Mike is a Senior Advisor to Smarp Strategic Services and also owns his own practice called Changing The Terms. Mike has worked with large corporates like Shell, Cargill, Avery Dennison, VEON and the US Government, and also with startups and non-profits. An MBA graduate of London Business School, Mike authored a book on social influence called “From Lincoln to LinkedIn” and has served as Chair of IABC’s Europe-Middle East-North Africa region.

Presenter / Brad Whitworth / U.S. is a pre-eminent thought leader, lecturer and author in organizational communication. He is a senior advisor in Strategic Services for Smarp and has led global internal and executive communication programs at HP, Cisco, Hitachi, PeopleSoft and MicroFocus. He holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and undergraduate degrees in journalism and speech from the University of Missouri. A former broadcaster, Brad has made more than 300 presentations to executives, communicators and university classes around the world. Brad is a past board chairman of IABC, a past president of two local IABC chapters and a Fellow of the association. He is one of the authors of The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication.

Presenter / Bruno Bin / Finland is the host of The Comms Shift Podcast and Chief Marketing Officer of Smarp, an employee communications platform that helps enterprise businesses reach and engage every employee through a targeted and timely feed of information that employees can access at their convenience, in their preferred channels and devices. Having worked at several technology start-ups as well as larger organizations in Canada, US, Brazil, Netherlands & Finland, Bruno is a firm believer in creating meaningful brands, selling a vision for the future and daring to act human. Over the years, he’s become completely obsessed with the relationship between a company and its employees and the wonderful people behind the scenes making sure those lines of communication stay open. He continues to act as an active advocate for communications as a critical catalyst of change and transformation at global organizations.

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