10 things you’ll learn at the World Conference—and that’s just a start!


The IABC World Conference program is launching with some of the most innovative thinkers and stellar presenters in the communication profession. Here’s the first in a series of previews on what you can expect to learn.

1. Apply inside knowledge from top companies

Get inside knowledge and best practices from top organizations like Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Walmart, Chevron, Bayer HealthCare, Hilton Worldwide, Lockheed Martin, Expedia, LinkedIn and many more.

2. Prepare for the next disruptive technologies

Get the heads up on the next disruptive technologies coming your way—and how they will impact everything you do.

3. Drive strategic communication across your organization

Find out what’s really strategic about strategic communication—learn to create and coordinate the communication function across your entire organization.

4. Mobilize employee ambassadors

Connect the dots on how to mobilize a successful employee ambassador program—with the right research, buy-in and collaboration you need to make it happen.

5. Build corporate partnerships

Build corporate partnerships and CSR programs that persuade the C-suite decision makers that your strategy has the power for influence and success.

6. Focus employees on global strategies

Create cross-cultural communications that focus employees on overarching global strategies and objectives.

7. Engage employees in the digital age

Engage your employees in the digital age by building an ecosystem around your enterprise social network.

8. Steer your way through a crisis

Play out real-life scenarios that will teach you how to steer your way through and out of a crisis.

9. Overcome barriers to emerge as a thought leader

Discover best practices for building a great content strategy—and how to overcome internal barriers to emerge as a true thought leader.

10. Stretch the way you think

Tap into your inner creativity by learning to stretch the way you think.