5 innovative ways to market your brand

Coming up with new and innovative ideas doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need to gather examples from the people who are leading the way. That’s why IABC has assembled an all-star team of marketing and brand professionals to show you what works, what doesn’t work and why. They’ll walk you through initiatives that exceeded expectations and explain how to make creative ideas work for you. Here’s just some of what’s coming your way at the IABC World Conference:

1. Social media for “tough-to-love” brands

An Engage ORM white paper suggests that some organizations’ reputations of profiteering or poor customer service makes social media a perilous proposition. In this session, communicators will learn the secret ways that “tough-to-love” brands can better and more productively engage in social media, without incurring wrath, added risk or reputational ruin. This session will cover: Is your organization a “tough-to-love” brand? Use our checklist to find out. Understanding the psychological battle between… Read More

2. Creating a culture that markets itself

In 2015 and the near future, culture will power the marketing of top digital brands. This goes beyond content: Not only does a healthy culture attract amazing talent, but it also attracts customers, PR and ultimately brings a brand to life using the team as ambassadors. This session will cover: Defining culture and its three key ingredients. How to influence culture in your organization. How to harness cultural activities to power the… Read More

3. Understanding customer conversations using lexical maps

Lexical maps are a type of text analysis visualization tool. When applied to social media or even internal product forums, it can be a powerful way to mine the conversations you care about. This presentation will cover three case studies that highlight different uses of lexical maps and a discussion on how they can be interpreted. The presentation will demonstrate how lexical maps can be used to: Understand how to improve your… Read More

4. Using LinkedIn to become a brand ambassador for your company

LinkedIn has established itself as a powerful way to promote thought leadership, share company news, engage with customers, and find new clients and talent. In this session, you’ll learn how to promote your brand by optimizing your profile, create compelling content to engage your network, and craft a company page that people will want to follow. You’ll also learn how to: Leverage LinkedIn as part of your communications strategy. Create a powerful… Read More

5. Romance as the ultimate differentiator

Tim Leberecht, the author of the book The Business Romantic, shows how brands can foster customer longing and loyalty by creating more “romantic” experiences. In this session, you will learn: How to attract and retain customers through romantic experiences of your brand. How to choreograph customer relationships based on the principles of a romantic relationship. How romantic features such as public intimacy, vulnerability, secret societies, symbolic knowledge work and (con)artistry can inject… Read More

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