7 must-have business communication skills

37076504_l (1)Perhaps you’re a seasoned communication professional. Does that mean your skill-building days are over? No way. The dynamic nature of this profession is one that requires constant learning. Just as you become adept with one skill, a twist or turn in the communication environment requires you to upgrade your skills in another area. That’s what makes organizational communication so interesting — and so challenging. With the support of our track sponsor, Newsweaver, IABC World Conference is bringing together top communication professionals to vet ideas, offer solutions and share best practices. Here are some of the skills you can expect to gain.


1. Knowing what the media REALLY want from you

In an era of hyperconnectivity, social media and citizen journalists, what’s changed about the “relations” of media relations? In this session, you’ll hear directly from Tier 1 journalists, including Thomson Reuters, the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio and learn: The qualities of a great PR representative from the perspective of the media. The key elements of a strong media/PR representative relationship. Media/PR relationships are a two-way street. Format: Traditional Track:… Read More


2. How to train a spokesperson on the art of the storytelling

This session will cover KIT tools that spokespersons require, enabling them to tell good stories to achieve their communication goals, integrating strategy tools, skills and messages. In this session, you will learn that a spokesperson must have three basic aspects for effective communication: A strategy for handling the communication circumstance favorable to their goal.  The ability to build messages quickly and timely.  The ability to place those messages through verbal and nonverbal skills. … Read


3. Using measurement to put science in the art of communication

This session will explore the importance of aligning reputation and CSR efforts with marketing and brand efforts for true optimization and a better return on investment. Innovative tools for communication decision makers will be shared, including different types of research and technology solutions appropriate for measurement in various situations. In this session, you will learn about various types of tools and how to get the most out of them, including: Messaging research…. Read More


4. How to announce a new CEO to the world

When Satya Nadella was announced as Microsoft’s third CEO in the company’s history, the internal communication team looked at how this news could be delivered differently–using owned channels, visuals and social media. This session will cover: Thinking beyond a press release. Thinking visually to break through. The team you need to deliver breakthrough content. Format: IABC Talks Track: Communication Skills Career Level(s): Foundation, Generalist/specialist, Strategic adviser, Business leader Presenter / Steve Clayton… Read More


5. Delivering difficult news with heart

When tackling tough issues, delivery is everything. This session will share “war stories” of communication announcements that became stories in themselves, as well as case studies of companies that delivered difficult news well, because they communicated with heart. Participants will walk away with practical advice on how to communicate tough issues in their organization. In this session, you will learn: How to ensure your communications are audience focused. How groundwork can eliminate backlash…. Read More


6. Pulling your readers in with ideas that lift off the page or screen

Sixty percent of your audience members aren’t reading your copy, according to two professors at the University of Missouri. So how can you write for non-readers? In this session, you’ll learn how to use your display copy—headlines, decks and subheads, for instance—to pull readers into your copy, make your piece inviting and even reach flippers and skimmers. You’ll learn how to: Reach “readers” who spend only three minutes—or even just 30 seconds—with… Read More


7. Keeping your website relevant in the era of social media dominance

As mobile devices, tablets and interactive touch screens dominate workplaces, content strategies are essential. Learn how to create and manage content that will appear on websites accessed from different types of devices resulting in multiple website displays. Also learn how to keep your website relevant as social media websites dominate. In this session, you will learn: How to create websites that respond to the devices from which they are accessed such as… Read More

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