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Schedule of Events

Below is the schedule at a glance for the World Conference 2021, taking place 28-30 June. As an international association, please note that the times listed include:

The schedule is subject to change.

Schedule of Events

From Covid to Climate: Communicating the Social Transformation We Need Now

16 April 2021

It's about time... for change. The planet has put us on notice. We need to simultaneously recover from Covid, address growing inequality, division, racism and all forms of discrimination, AND avert a climate catastrophe. How do communications professionals, with their skills and expertise, fit in to this bigger picture of transforming our world? In this rapid taster session, Susannah will bring her insights from her work on how to talk more effectively about the climate crisis and the big, often divisive challenges of our time. We’ll explore emerging thinking on how we use communications, in it's various forms, to: bring more people (more voices) into the climate and social change conversation, build trust and heal divisions in our society that hold us back from creating a better world, empower audiences to be part of the transformation, and more. Transforming our shared story starts with communication!

Upon completion, participants will be able to: