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Schedule of Events

Below is the schedule at a glance for the World Conference 2021, taking place 28-30 June. As an international association, please note that the times listed include:

The schedule is subject to change.

Schedule of Events

From Measurement to Meaning - Listening Grows Up

16 April 2021

This session will develop and explore the insights generated by the IABC Foundation sponsored Listening survey conducted during the pandemic which points the way to how we need to listen in future. We will highlight key findings about why and how we listen, and the outcomes that good listening delivers in terms of change, innovation and percieved fairness. We'll help participants explore the methods and approaches to use that generate the best outcomes. We will show why it is about time to:

  1. Address complacency and identify new methods to listen
  2. Generate digital insights
  3. Challenge leaders to listen to improve organisational performance
  4. Move from measurement to insight - from surveys to deeper insights and meaning The session will combine statistics, stories and discussions.

We'll engage participants by inviting them to work with others on the implications of the findings and their stories of listening challenges and successes. Upon completion, participants will be able to: