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Schedule of Events

Below is the schedule at a glance for the World Conference 2021, taking place 28-30 June. As an international association, please note that the times listed include:

The schedule is subject to change.

Schedule of Events

It's About Time For... A Leader Like Me

16 April 2021

2020 highlighted both challenges and opportunities for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Starting with protests and performative gestures, individuals and organizations started asking for performance and proof of true change personally and professionally. A Leader Like Me, with its roots in a connection that started at the 2019 IABC World Conference in Vancouver has evolved into a business launched during pandemic supporting women of colour and amplifying diverse voices around the globe. In this session, we'll discuss: the impact when employees and customers can't see A Leader Like Me in their organizations, how to manage imposter syndrome and build confidence through community, and how to turn awareness into action when it comes to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. The important role of communication professionals and the profession itself in supporting and driving change. Individually and collectively, it's about time we drive needed change.

Upon completion, participants will have a better understanding of: