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Schedule of Events

The Vaccine Race: A Story of Collaboration & Communication

16 April 2021

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When the high-stakes race to find an effective COVID-19 vaccine took hold in 2020, the biopharmaceutical industry quickly became the world’s greatest hope for beating a global pandemic. Sally Susman, Pfizer’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, and her team worked to rally colleagues, the industry and the world alike. As the pandemic turned everyone’s lives upside down, it also changed the pharmaceutical industry forever. The need for a compelling and smart communications strategy had never been more urgent. 

Sally will share her insider’s perspective on Pfizer’s response to the pandemic, and how she and her team decided to throw out conventional tactics and industry standards, and embrace bold ideas. She will reflect on how more than 30 years in the communications industry prepared her for one of the most inspiring moments in her career. From Pfizer’s “Science Will Win” campaign to the decision to eschew mainstream media and publish an open letter from Pfizer’s CEO on LinkedIn – hear how Pfizer’s communications team rose to the unprecedented challenge.