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Abam Mambo

What's Your Belongingness Quotient? Building Community In A Boundaryless World

Abam Mambo, She/her
Managing Director & Principal Consultant, BelongingIQ, Singapore

Abam Mambo is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at workplace consultancy, BelongingIQ. She’s an employment lawyer, global speaker, corporate trainer and strategist on Belonging, Diversity and Inclusion. She applies her Belongingness Quotient (BQ) model to help organizations boost engagement, drive performance, enhance teamwork, strengthen leadership and create aware, diverse, inclusive, safe and equitable workplaces. A captivating speaker, Abam has spoken in over 25 cities to organizations like the WHO, GSK, John Deere, and Yara. She’s held regional, director roles in Legal and Compliance at Microsoft and GSK, and has lived and led teams in North America, Africa and Asia.