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Dimi Patitsas

Communication can be the best skill for a future CEO, but…

Dimi Patitsas, CAHRI (She/her)
Chief People & Risk Officer, The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust,

Dimi Patitsas, Grad Dip HR, CAHRI, MAICD Dimi Patitsas, 2021 Board Member IABC Victoria, CMP candidate, and Chief People & Risk Officer of Melbourne’s Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT), is a leader who builds trust and connects people with the organisation’s vision. An expert in transformational change focused on positively shaping an organisation into the future by building a positive workplace culture of engagement and inclusion. Dimi has been identified as a potential CEO in her organisation and understands the value of a strong professional network and of having a crystal-clear understanding of your own purpose and professional trajectory.