A spotlight on cybersecurity: Emerging from the shadows (of IT)

There’s a significant threat in our midst. It exists in the shadows of organizations across the globe. It continues amassing its power and control over troves of corporate data and functions.It continues doing so often going unnoticed, either until something doesn’t work as expected or the damage has already been done. The threat? Cyber. “Shadow IT,” in particular.

Shadow IT consists of unapproved or unknown infrastructure and systems. While we claim to be living in the “sharing economy,” it seems that very little meaningful information about such technologies is being shared within organizations. With so many cyber threats coming to light across the globe, a real and present call to action exists for us to start thinking differently. This session will boldly explore how IT isn’t an “IT issue” reserved for those well-versed in technology—rather, it’s everyone’s responsibility. Attendees will have a clear choice to make: Do we continue aiming to simply survive an onslaught of cyber threats, or thrive by orchestrating people, process, and technology?

Attendees will:

  • Explore the present risks involved with “Shadow IT.”
  • Contemplate the shared responsibility of information technology (particularly cyber) in 2020, and beyond.
  • Discover key actions to undertake (in the next 30 days) to help advance cyber security efforts.

Format: Presentation
Track: Communication Driving Business

Presenter / Brennen Schmidt / Canada is a senior consultant with Deloitte Canada. Prior to joining Deloitte, Schmidt served as a communication consultant with Saskatchewan’s public service for the greater part of a decade. His passion for technology has enabled him to work with clients and stakeholders across Canada and the United States to help discover how to better connect people, process, and technology. Schmidt co-authored Cyber City Safe: Emergency Planning Beyond the Maginot Line, a work which explores how we can live smarter, safer, and healthier lives. He has made media appearances in Canada both locally and nationally to speak to cybersecurity, emergency planning, and crisis response. He holds a bachelor of education and certificate in public relations from the University of Regina. During his spare time, he volunteers as coach with the University of Regina’s Hill JDC West business technology management and business strategy teams.